Second Chance Fund

What is the Second Chance Fund?

At Development Innovations, we want to capture important lessons that have been learned from failed ICT4D projects in Cambodia and harness those to develop successful ICT solutions.

In order to encourage this culture of experimentation and learning, DI will implement a “Second Chance Fund,” a grants fund that offers applicants the opportunity to utilize the lessons they have learned from an unsuccessful ICT for Development project or tool to develop a new approach to the same development problem. An ICT for Development tool can be an app, website, database, social media campaign, mobile data collection tool, or other technologies used to solve a development issue.
Development Innovations is not funding ICT4D tools/activities that were unsuccessful due to timing or internal/management issues, or technical glitches or malfunctions in the ICT4D tool.

Subject to the availability of funds, the Second Chance Fund intends to provide a maximum amount of US$ 15,000. The grant period of performance should not exceed four (4) months and must be closed out by February 2018.

Examples of Eligible Activities

Below are some illustrative examples of second chance activities that would be eligible for funding:

  • Your organization built a functional tool but the original marketing campaign did not lead to successful registrations, and needs funds to implement smarter marketing through an innovative campaign to reach intended audiences.
  • Your ICT tool was not taken up by the intended community, and your organization needs funds to conduct (more) user testing to improve the tool.
  • Your company launched an app to solve a community issue, but realized through experience that another tool would better address that issue.
  • Your ICT tool was not designed well and you need funds to bring in a professional to host an ideation workshop, or a human centered design workshop to develop a better project design framework and implementation plan.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

In order to meet minimum eligibility criteria for grant award, the applicant or its grant application must:

  • Be a civil society organization or private-sector company, officially registered in Cambodia.
  • Must address the Section 1 of the Annual Program Statement (APS), and include lessons learned on why original ICT4D activity didn’t work with evidence/data to demonstrate lessons learned (i.e. user feedback/testing)
  • Must follow all instructions provided in Section 4 of the APS
  • Be submitted by the deadline as stated in the APS.

What are the Evaluation Criteria?

All applications that meet the minimum eligibility criteria and follow all instructions stated in the APS will be reviewed by the evaluation committee. Applicants whose concept note applications follow successfully align with the objectives of the APS will be invited for an in-person presentation.

Concept note applications will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Technical approach is reasonable and implementable within proposed timeframe and budget (10 points)
  • Demonstrates clear learnings from original ICT4D activity supported by data and evidence (15 points)
  • Demonstrates how learnings from original ICT4D activity translate to the success of proposed, new activity (15 points)
  • Key personnel and staff proposed have the relevant skills and experience to implement proposed activity (10 points)

In-person presentations will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Presenters must include at least 2 key personnel and must demonstrate understanding of Criteria 1-4 (10 points)
  • Presenters are able to provide clear explanations and evidence based answers to Evaluation Committee’s questions, and are able to provide additional information/data to the concept note as requested (15 points)
  • Presenters are able to make clear and reasonable arguments to support their proposed activities and objectives, or shows willingness to take Evaluation Committee’s suggestion(s) for consideration and justification (15 points)
  • The proposed activity provides tangible and verifiable results and presenters are able to show clear hypothesis and anticipated risks and mitigation methods that can determine the project success and failure (10 points)

For full detail of the evaluation criteria and scoring system, please refer to the APS: Section 6 – SELECTION CRITERIA.

How to Apply & Important Dates:

To apply for funding, please find the full instructions and guidelines in our Annual Program Statement.
DAI will not review concept notes that do not meet the instructions listed below:

  • All applications must be no longer than 4 pages.
  • All applications must be submitted in either Word or PDF format via email, and must include Attachment A (Copy of organization’s certificate of registration)
  • All applications must be submitted no later than the deadline of this APS or subsequently announced deadlines if additional reviews are announced.
  • Funds requested from DAI must not exceed $15,000
  • All applications must be submitted using the concept note template provided on this website.
  • All applications must be submitted in font size 11.
  • All materials must be in English

Further questions regarding the APS requirements should be submitted in writing to no later than July 12, 2017 by 5:00PM Phnom Penh time. Answers to questions will be posted to our Grant Frequently Asked Questions page.

Application package must be submitted electronically via email to no later than no later than August 5, 2017 by 5:00 PM Phnom Penh time.

A notice of award will be given in writing via email by the Grants Manager to notify both the successful and unsuccessful applicants on/about September 30, 2017.

Important Resources & Documents: