Responses to the Questions for Sustainable Innovation Programs Fund

Question 1: We are a small bilingual MOEYS-licensed (Khmer) school in Tuol Kork and we have been in operation since 2011. We have a patent tax certificate and we are fully compliant. The Ministry of Commerce does not require schools to be registered as a company; thus, are we eligible for funding with the status I describe?

Answer: DI can only provide funding to officially registered entities, organizations, and companies in Cambodia. Organizations need to be registered with Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and companies need to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce. Please refer to the full APS to understand the minimum eligibility criteria for grant award.

Question 2: Over the past 6 years we have developed, tested, and implemented a preschool curriculum, both in ENG and Khmer. We would like the grant monies to be used to further develop this product. Is this something that would be eligible for funding? The justification for this project is obvious and compelling: even the MOEYS does not have a Khmer preschool curriculum and our English version is in our minds more practical, affordable, and easier to implement than the UK-origin preschool curriculum sold in Cambodia.

Answer: Please refer to the APS under “Section 2 – What is the APS looking to fund” to understand the type of activities are eligible for funding. All applicants must also meet the minimum eligibility criteria under “Section 3 – Minimum Eligibility Criteria” to be eligible for a grant award under this fund.

Question 3: Award Type: Would it be possible to have the award spread over a 12-month period (timeline) as the type of work we do is not like developing a new php application; instead, we require some experts to help with documentation, digital illustration, etc., and at some point we would want to allow for digital delivery of the preschool curriculum through Moodle or another similar platform.

Answer: As mentioned in the APS, all grant activities must have a period of performance of no more than 7 months and the activities can start from November 01st, 2018 and must close out by May 31st, 2019.