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April was packed with activities as we kick-started a few new programs with our partners. SmartScale, CodingCats, Think Global Make Local 2, and the Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program are all underway to help Cambodian innovators across many different sectors. Follow their links to find out more. On Earth Day this year, our team produced a video with some tips for Cambodian citizens to help protect the environment. What are you doing to take care of our planet?

Last month, we were proud to be a part of Digital Cambodia 2019, the largest tech conference in Cambodia to date. Our partners showcased many of the products and programs working to help Cambodians solve problems with tech tools and innovative methods. Digital Cambodia also hosted the Cambodia ICT Awards and the Cambodian Women in Tech Awards, and many of our team members and partners were nominated, ranging from Technovation team members to grantees like Edemy. These awards are a great chance to showcase new ideas about innovation, emerging role models and products built in Cambodia. In addition, our partners' product innovation and coding courses are getting great feedback from trainees, and we just kicked off our partnership with EnergyLab to run a pre-incubation program for clean energy entrepreneurs.

Last month, the Leadership Training and Mentoring for Young Women in Tech Program, implemented by Wedu Global, kicked off, and they are now offering intensive mentorship support to 20 young Cambodian students in technology fields over the next four months. The program provides access to leadership training, helps young women build a network, and advance themselves with one-on-one support from their mentor. After a month of tech entrepreneurship training, the Technovation participants visited the Techo Startup Center at Royal University of Phnom Penh and learned from two startups based there; TosRean and Khmer Page. In addition, the DI team and partners joined the 5th Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival to showcase our ICT products and digital innovations. We asked the participants to take quizzes, surveys, and build hologram projectors. Read on below for activity updates from our other partners: IT Academy STEP’s Sisters of Code Program, ArrowDot’s Product Innovation Program, and more.

Kicking off the new year in January, we have officially started our 2019 season for Technovation Cambodia in partnership with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and many other school and private sector partners. More than 200 girls are now working hard on the 12 week training program so they can compete in the world's largest all-girl tech entrepreneurship program. The DI team also had a Strategy and Team Building Session last week to check in on our progress so far, and identify places where we can optimize our services to deliver even better programs. We have also recently partnered with BiKay, InSTEDD, ArrowDot, Saturday People, and IT Academy Step Cambodia to develop new programs for Cambodian innovators, and our partners at Wedu and IT Academy Step have already started their activities to address the gender divide in tech.