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DI worked with CCC to build a stronger understanding of how Cambodian CSOs operate through a process we’re calling Member Insights. What is Member Insights? It’s a modified version of DAI Digital Insights design research method that focuses on member CSOs in the CCC network. Just as Digital Insights is the first step in a process to design digital tools and engagement methods for individuals, Member Insights is the first step in a process to design improved engagement and training programs for organizations. It is a rapid, inexpensive research method designed to highlight how organizations use technology and communicate, exploring communications as an organizational practice, focusing on which platforms are most common for internal information flows and how organizations engage external audiences such as beneficiaries, prospective beneficiaries, and the general public. In this case, the focus was Cambodian CSOs, but as a methodology, Member Insights can be applied to businesses, governmental units, and even families. Please download the report here!