From 2013-2019, we helped civil society organizations, social enterprises, technology companies and young innovators in Cambodia test, design, and implement technology-enabled projects that address development challenges. Explore the projects below.

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Grantee: Danmission

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Preah Rokar Forest Community Network

Technical Partner: Web Essentials

Technology Solution: Mobile App

This grant supports NGO Danmission to improve the existing forest monitoring application to reach the Preah Rokar Forest Community Network (PFCN) and improve user experience and reporting.

Feature Story: Combatting Illegal Deforestation with an App

Grantee: Khmer Youth Association

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: VDOO

Technology Solution: Social media campaign and website

This project funds Khmer Youth Association to re-design a user- and mobile-friendly website, upgrade ICT equipment and software to produce higher quality digital content, and improve staff capacity and skills on tech usage and management, focusing on video production and social media communications. The goal of this project is to encourage more young people to become more active and informed citizens by improving social media and online content to be more user-friendly and engaging.

Success Story: Digital ‘Second Chance’ Helps Youth Organization Reach More Cambodians

Grantee: Pact, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Glean

Technology Solution: Technology tool that enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level

This project funds Pact Cambodia to integrate the lessons learned from the initial results of TRANSMIT - a tool that tracks citizen complaints and government responses online - to design, develop and field-test a new prototype with target user groups using deeper user testing methods. The overall goal of this project is to validate a better technology solution that will enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level.

Grantee: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Technology Solution: Community-based media production & content development with an awareness campaign via online radio and social media

This project empowered Prey Lang communities to tell their stories through community-based media production activities, and BPO collected these stories and created content from people from five communes to broadcast online. Ultimately, these stories helped raise awareness about citizens' issues in Prey Lang at the local and national level through social media and online radio.

Grantee: Youth Coalition for Unity and Development

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Biz Solution

Technology Solution: Online youth debate platform for provincial participants of Mock Youth Parliament

The project funded the development of an online platform which allows youth to debate key topics digitally. Through this, youth voices are strongly joined for advocating for what they actually demand from main actors, especially the government.

Success Story: Cambodian Youth Groups Take Their Debates Digital

Grantee: MEDIA One

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Equal Access International

Technology Solution: Mobile data collection tools & multimedia for Supporting Forestry & Biodiversity (SFB) project

The project funded the update of a paper-based citizen concern system to promote mobile reporting. The reporting tool provided faster feedback about interventions and updates and allowed MEDIA One to integrate community concerns and questions their radio show topics according to citizen input in near real-time.

Success Story: Using Digital Data Collection Tools to Maximize Impact

Grantee: Advocacy and Policy Institute

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system & mobile app to provide transparent public services' procedures & fees

This project tested a tool to make public service prices more available through interactive voice response technology (IVR), which enabled access to audio information files offline without incurring data charges. Initially, it makes available the prices of public services and then expand over time to provide additional information based on citizen priorities.

Success Story: Hotline and Mobile App Improve Access to Public Service

Grantee: PACT Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, AMARA, Village Support Group, Anakut Kumar, Phnom Srey Organization, My Village

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Mobile app for issue tracking at local government level

This project funded a platform to track citizen issues and government response online, and tested the development of a digital tool to track and share information about citizens' priorities at the commune level.

Grantee: Action IEC

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Cellcard, Wing, Acleda Bank

Technical Partner: Rotati Consulting

Technology Solution: Crowdfunding platform for fundraising social initiatives

This project funded the development of TosFund, meaning Let's Fund in Khmer, an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for Cambodia. The funding tool built campaigning capacities for development initiatives (especially for Cambodian CSOs), provided practical payment outlets for civic fundraising efforts, and helped test online fundraising tools through Cambodia-based payment systems.

Success Story: Crowdfunding Platform Boosts Shrinking Budgets for Civic Projects

Blog Post: Online Fundraising Gains Popularity and Delivers Results for Phare Ponleu Selpak

Grantee: Cambodian Center for Independent Media

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Open source mobile app and a platform for concerned citizen journalists to report news on the field

This project supported the design and development of a tool for Cambodian Center for Independent Media's citizen journalists (CJs) to collect, report, and track local issues from around the country. The reporting tool aimed to increase coverage of these local issues by linking Cambodian and international media outlets to these stories quickly and efficiently.

Grantee: Cambodian Center for Human Rights

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Endorphine Concept Digital Solutions

Technology Solution: Content development including videos & infographics on land rights

This project funded the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) to develop online interactive content for its Human Rights Education Platform to help increase knowledge among Cambodian urban youths on key rights issues in Cambodia. The first module was on land rights:

Success Story: Land Rights Platform Delivers Accessible Educational Tools and Quizzes

Grantee: Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam)

Partners: USAID Cambodia, EZECOM

Technical Partner: EZECOM

Technology Solution: Secured server to store and preserve Khmer Rouge documentations

The project funded a safe and reliable digital storage solution for DC-Cam’s digital archive of historical materials. The archive includes photos (20,000 historical photos & 157,000 field trip photos), videos (108 Khmer Rouge regime videos & 318 interview videos with Khmer Rouge cadres & survivors), audio (4,499 interview audio with Khmer Rouge cadres & survivors) and written documentation (14,567 documents equal to a total of 100,503 pages) from the Khmer Rouge period.

Success Story: Public-Private Partnership Safeguards Digital History