From 2013-2019, we helped civil society organizations, social enterprises, technology companies and young innovators in Cambodia test, design, and implement technology-enabled projects that address development challenges. Explore the projects below.

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Grantee: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Technology Solution: Social media campaign, narrowcast pilot, survey of ICT for PWDs

This grant supports Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO) to conduct a survey of their users, develop a social media strategy and Facebook campaign, and develop digital content to highlight people with disabilities' rights under Cambodian law.

Success Story: Promoting Awareness of People with Disabilities’ Rights with Technologies

Blog Post: Eight Insights from the People with Disabilities Rapid Survey

Grantee: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

Technology Solution: Digital M&E tool, Video training, Social media handbook & ICT research

This partnership equips Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with the skills and capacity to deliver effective ICT related services to its members and other target customers through technical and capacity building support over 18 months.

Grantee: Open Institute

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Research paper on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology on Khmer language

A research project with Open Institute to define the priorities, the strategy, the tools and the work that needs to be done to achieve high quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for Khmer. OCR technology would enable indexation of large amounts of information in Khmer language and make scanned documents searchable.