From 2013-2019, we helped civil society organizations, social enterprises, technology companies and young innovators in Cambodia test, design, and implement technology-enabled projects that address development challenges. Explore the projects below.

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Grantee: Pact, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Glean

Technology Solution: Technology tool that enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level

This project funds Pact Cambodia to integrate the lessons learned from the initial results of TRANSMIT - a tool that tracks citizen complaints and government responses online - to design, develop and field-test a new prototype with target user groups using deeper user testing methods. The overall goal of this project is to validate a better technology solution that will enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level.

Grantee: Human Development Research Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Webits

Technology Solution: Web portal on mental health

This project funded the improvement of an online mental health information and virtual counseling resource for young people through Facebook's Free Basics platform. The main format for the My Tree of Life (MyTOL) website included mental health information postings and discussions, and online Q&A sessions.

Grantee: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Technology Solution: Community-based media production & content development with an awareness campaign via online radio and social media

This project empowered Prey Lang communities to tell their stories through community-based media production activities, and BPO collected these stories and created content from people from five communes to broadcast online. Ultimately, these stories helped raise awareness about citizens' issues in Prey Lang at the local and national level through social media and online radio.

Grantee: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Technology Solution: Social media campaign, narrowcast pilot, survey of ICT for PWDs

This grant supports Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO) to conduct a survey of their users, develop a social media strategy and Facebook campaign, and develop digital content to highlight people with disabilities' rights under Cambodian law.

Success Story: Promoting Awareness of People with Disabilities’ Rights with Technologies

Blog Post: Eight Insights from the People with Disabilities Rapid Survey

Grantee: Support Her Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SHE Investments)

Partners: USAID Cambodia, EZECOM

Technical Partner: Codingate

Technology Solution: Social media campaign and Khmer language web portal for business registration information/ processes

This grant supports SHE Investments to develop an online business information portal which is accessible and user-friendly to provide information in Khmer for women entrepreneurs on how to start their business. This project will market this portal across other womens entrepreneurship networks and use social media for a targeted outreach and marketing campaign.

Blog Post: Retrospective: Launch of Business Information Platform by SHE Investments

Grantee: MEDIA One

Partners: USAID Cambodia, USAID Supporting Forests and Biodiversity (SFB) Project

Technical Partner: MEDIA One

Technology Solution: Facebook campaign along with traditional media such as radio program and radio public service announcements (PSAs)

This grant supported Media One in their efforts to implement the project entitled Cambodian Natural Heritage Awareness Initiative. The overall goal of this proposal is to raise awareness about Cambodia’s natural heritage through diverse media platforms like social media, radio and SMS, complemented by direct community engagement activities. Throughout the activity, MEDIA One adjusted based on audience and community feedback, and analyzed social media findings for the Facebook campaign.

Blog Post: Grandfather Prey Lang Connects People to the Jungle

Grantee: World Education, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Good Return

Technical Partner: Good Return

Technology Solution: Content development & consumer awareness campaign via Facebook

This project aimed to test whether a consumer awareness campaign, delivered via Facebook and targeted at Cambodia’s youth, can be effective in stimulating dialogue within poor Cambodian households on financial decision making and ultimately contribute to building financial awareness and consumer confidence.

Success Story: Social Media Campaign Builds Awareness about Financial Management

Grantee: Aide et Action Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Facebook

Technical Partner: Biz Solution

Technology Solution: Inclusive education website and a web portal on Facebook's Free Basics platform

This project funded a website to provide educational resources for teachers, school directors, District and Provincial offices of Education (PoE/DoE) and parents. Through Facebook's Free Basics platform, the site aims to reach marginalized and out of school children, and connect them to online resources and school-based resources.

Grantee: Cambodian Center for Human Rights

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Endorphine Concept Digital Solutions

Technology Solution: Content development including videos & infographics on land rights

This project funded the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) to develop online interactive content for its Human Rights Education Platform to help increase knowledge among Cambodian urban youths on key rights issues in Cambodia. The first module was on land rights:

Success Story: Land Rights Platform Delivers Accessible Educational Tools and Quizzes