We help civil society organizations, social enterprises, technology companies and young innovators in Cambodia test, design, and implement technology-enabled projects that address development challenges. Explore our projects below!

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Grantee: World Education, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Providers: CamMob

Technology Solution: Android-based learning tools

This project funded the development of a digital literacy assessment tool for the Total Reading Approach for Children (TRAC) project's Continuous Assessment System (CAS). The assessment app promoted teacher understanding and used of the CAS as a diagnostic tool for student learning. The CAS App also facilitated teacher and student use and understand of technology in the classroom.

Success Story: TEST Application Cultivates Reading Culture for Young Cambodians

Grantee: Aide et Action Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Facebook

Technical Providers: Biz Solution

Technology Solution: Inclusive education website and a web portal on Facebook's Free Basics platform

This project funded a website to provide educational resources for teachers, school directors, District and Provincial offices of Education (PoE/DoE) and parents. Through Facebook's Free Basics platform, the site aims to reach marginalized and out of school children, and connect them to online resources and school-based resources.

Grantee: World Education, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Good Return

Technical Providers: Good Return

Technology Solution: Content development & consumer awareness campaign via Facebook

This project aimed to test whether a consumer awareness campaign, delivered via Facebook and targeted at Cambodia’s youth, can be effective in stimulating dialogue within poor Cambodian households on financial decision making and ultimately contribute to building financial awareness and consumer confidence.

Success Story: Social Media Campaign Builds Awareness about Financial Management