“Low Fuss” Video Training Helps CSOs Reach Out

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SuccessStory-LowFussCompPHOTOIn recent years, civil society representative Sorveasna Pok has seen his native Battambang Province ravaged by the effects of climate change. Unpredictable and irregular weather patterns have brought intermittent drought and flooding to the region, destroying the crops that many rural residents on for food and profit. According to Pok, the destruction of rice crops has driven many villagers in Battambang Province to migrate to Thailand in search of work.

While the effects of climate change are evident in western Cambodia, Pok and his civil society organization (CSO) Action for Khmer Aid Services (AKAS) have found it difficult to get people to care.

“Honestly, the first year was the hardest for this project since people didn’t agree that we are now facing the climate problem…” Pok said. “Now they believe us, and they are starting to prepare for the change. However, they had already lost [their livelihoods] before they believed us…”

Advocating for a cause is a constant challenge for small CSOs in Cambodia, who often lack the equipment and expertise to produce compelling media content. In order to help CSOs better communicate with both their target beneficiaries and the Cambodian government, Development Innovations has trained representatives from 18 CSOs in basic filmmaking and storytelling techniques. The training program—titled “Low Fuss Video” training—taught CSO representatives basic skills in scriptwriting, filmmaking and editing.

Pok produced his video on the economic uncertainty of families relying on migrant remittances to survive. Pok—who had very little prior filmmaking experience—used local villagers as actors, which he believes greatly improved the authenticity of the film. According to Pok, this authenticity makes the video a powerful advocacy tool for working with local government officials.

“I will convert the video into disks and I will give it to the village chief,” Pok said. “I want him to understand the meaning of this video. This is his village, and his villagers are the actors. What will he think of this?”

According to Pok, video is an essential tool for Cambodian CSOs, not just for advocating with local government officials and reaching out to beneficiaries, but also for connecting with potential donors.

“Video is absolutely vital,” Pok said. “We can say that one picture is equal to 1000 words… Donors really want to see our outcome, so we can give them a little speech. But if we show them the video of our outcome and the impact we had, they can get it easily.”

Development Innovations is a project that helps civil society organisations and technology companies to design and use ICT (Information Communciations Technology ) solutions that address Cambodia’s development challenges.

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