Land Rights Platform Delivers Accessible Educational Tools and Quizzes

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Human rights education can be a challenge in Cambodia. Many Cambodian citizens have trouble understanding the official laws of the country and remain largely unaware of the rights afforded to them under domestic and international law, which leaves them unable to act on behalf of themselves and their fellow citizens. According to the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (“CCHR”), one of the priority areas for this education is land rights. With grant funding and technical advice from Development Innovations, CCHR developed online interactive contents on land right education to incorporate into the popular Cambodian Human Rights Portal The project aimed to increase knowledge among urban youth about key issues surrounding land rights in Cambodia, based on the assumption that more accessible materials could improve awareness. CCHR created Cambodia-specific videos, infographics, quizzes, and supporting documents on five topics to raise awareness about land right issues such as land ownership, acquisition of ownership, procedures on access to land titles, land concessions, and land dispute resolution mechanisms. These contents have been uploaded on the Land Rights Platform “” and were launched earlier this year with civil society organizations (CSOs) staff members and community activists. The platform attracted attention from participants and many of them confirmed that the contents were very useful for land rights awareness raising, and various CSO staff members expressed their interest in using the materials for their training and awareness raising activities. Ms. Chea Sovanny, a staff member from NGO Urban Poor Women Development, said, “I have a team who provides training on land rights to community people, and I find that this platform is an important tool for the training, so I will inform my team to download videos and infographics from this platform to use in their training.”


A student raised a question during the Presentation on the Human Rights Education Platform on Land Rights at the Harpswell Dormitory and Leadership Centers for Women in May 2016.
[Photo Credit: Cambodian Center for Human Rights]

So far, 546 visitors accessed and viewed land rights education materials on the platform, and 80% of them interacted with the platform by responding to the quizzes related to each topic. The most popular was land ownership in Cambodia and 65% of them scored over 70 out of 100, showing that they gained greater understanding about land right issues after viewing and reading the materials. In addition, the land rights education videos have been broadly disseminated in trainings and presentations conducted by CCHR and other CSOs. On Cambodia’s most popular social media site, Facebook, the video averaged 30K views and 1K shares, and the most popular video is about land concessions attracted 41K views.

CSOs working on land rights acknowledged that the contents were very useful for raising awareness to youth, community activists as well as victims of land conflict, especially the videos and infographics. Ms. Keat Botyphallyvong, legal intern from NGO partner Equitable Cambodia said, “The printed infographics are very useful as supplementary training materials…The infographics are easy to read and, therefore, easily shared amongst other communities that are unable to attend the training.” The private sector also found these materials useful, for example Borey Peng Hout, a real estate company, posted the videos on its Facebook page to inform audiences/clients about their land rights and the process for land titling.

Ms. Chor Chanthyda, a Project Coordinator from CCHR said the portal is unique and fills a gap, “People, especially victims or people vulnerable to land conflict can access the videos and infographics which could help them to know how to get a land title as well as how to resolve their land conflict.”

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