We publish all of our reports, toolkits, and project resources for your use. Please download and share these resources with your partners.

This is the final report for the Development Innovations project. It summarizes project results, lessons learned, and recommendations for future investments in development initiatives to grow locally-led civic tech ecosystems.

Rachana is the virtual ambassador of Technovation Cambodia, Cambodia's division of the world's largest technology entrepreneurship program for girls. She encourages girls ages 10 to 18 years old to join Technovation, an initiative to make coding accessible and fun. Through this comic book produced by Wapatoa, Rachana also stimulates curiosity about new technologies, and inspires readers and viewers to study or pursue careers in technology, science and engineering fields.

This study is the final Results and Learning assessment for the Development Innovations project. It captures stories of change, impact of programming decisions, performance against objectives, key results and lessons learned from 2013-2019.

This study mapped ICT and innovation services offered by the public, private and NGO sectors in Battambang and Siem Reap as of 2018.

This impact study seeks to measure how this activity achieved its original goal of teaching young women and girls tech entrepreneurship skills; how it has been received by and affected stakeholder communities in Cambodia; and the likelihood of a sustainable transition of the Technovation Cambodia program from DI to the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in 2019 and beyond.

This study aims to capture the best practices, successes, challenges, lessons learned of the design and development of The Lake Clinic’s OpenMRS Distribution for Cambodia project implemented by The Lake Clinic. The study also illustrates the significance of putting users at the core of project design, developing prototypes to test with iterative process, deploying the solution to beneficiaries.

Happy October from Development Innovations! We hope you enjoyed your Pchum Ben holiday and are refreshed for the month ahead. Last month we held the Development Innovations Expo 2019, a final project event to convene over 450 people from civil society, the government, the tech sector, and the donor community.​Our team and partners shared lessons learned from the past six years working to build a community of innovators, showcased our partners' programs and innovations, and worked to connect diverse actors to explore opportunities for collaboration. We are especially thankful to our speakers from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the U.S Embassy, USAID​ for helping kick-start this event. Check out the article and album.

Happy September from DI! We are so excited to announce big results from the Technovation Cambodia Global Finalist team: Team LiterTree won second place at the Technovation World Pitch 2019! The team's app, Naeng-Norng, is a platform dedicated to preserving Khmer poetry by allowing readers and authors to connect. Congrats to these pioneering young innovators.

July marked the final events and graduation ceremonies for many of our programs, and there are great results to celebrate! Our SmartScale program hosted Demo Day to celebrate the end of the 3-month support program for start-ups to scale their businesses and improve investment-readiness. Massive thanks to our operating partners Mekong Strategic Partners and Seedstars, and co-funder Smart Axiata.

June was exhausting for our team and partners…but in a good way. We are proud to announce that one Cambodian Technovation team has made it to the Technovation World Pitch 2019! They competed against over 4,000 teams from around the world and are going to pitch their application to preserve Khmer poetry to the judges in Silicon Valley in August.

What a month! In May, DI’s trainers took part in the annual USAID Communications Training to offer sessions about social media and smartphone videography for USAID’s implementing partners. Check out the video here, and the link to download DI’s open source training manual for smartphone videography if you want to use it in your own organization.

April was packed with activities as we kick-started a few new programs with our partners. SmartScale, CodingCats, Think Global Make Local 2, and the Clean Energy Pre-Incubation Program are all underway to help Cambodian innovators across many different sectors. Follow their links to find out more. On Earth Day this year, our team produced a video with some tips for Cambodian citizens to help protect the environment. What are you doing to take care of our planet?

Last month, we were proud to be a part of Digital Cambodia 2019, the largest tech conference in Cambodia to date. Our partners showcased many of the products and programs working to help Cambodians solve problems with tech tools and innovative methods. Digital Cambodia also hosted the Cambodia ICT Awards and the Cambodian Women in Tech Awards, and many of our team members and partners were nominated, ranging from Technovation team members to grantees like Edemy. These awards are a great chance to showcase new ideas about innovation, emerging role models and products built in Cambodia. In addition, our partners' product innovation and coding courses are getting great feedback from trainees, and we just kicked off our partnership with EnergyLab to run a pre-incubation program for clean energy entrepreneurs.

Last month, the Leadership Training and Mentoring for Young Women in Tech Program, implemented by Wedu Global, kicked off, and they are now offering intensive mentorship support to 20 young Cambodian students in technology fields over the next four months. The program provides access to leadership training, helps young women build a network, and advance themselves with one-on-one support from their mentor. After a month of tech entrepreneurship training, the Technovation participants visited the Techo Startup Center at Royal University of Phnom Penh and learned from two startups based there; TosRean and Khmer Page. In addition, the DI team and partners joined the 5th Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival to showcase our ICT products and digital innovations. We asked the participants to take quizzes, surveys, and build hologram projectors. Read on below for activity updates from our other partners: IT Academy STEP’s Sisters of Code Program, ArrowDot’s Product Innovation Program, and more.

Kicking off the new year in January, we have officially started our 2019 season for Technovation Cambodia in partnership with the Institute of Technology of Cambodia and many other school and private sector partners. More than 200 girls are now working hard on the 12 week training program so they can compete in the world's largest all-girl tech entrepreneurship program. The DI team also had a Strategy and Team Building Session last week to check in on our progress so far, and identify places where we can optimize our services to deliver even better programs. We have also recently partnered with BiKay, InSTEDD, ArrowDot, Saturday People, and IT Academy Step Cambodia to develop new programs for Cambodian innovators, and our partners at Wedu and IT Academy Step have already started their activities to address the gender divide in tech.

It is 2019! Happy New Year from Development Innovations! Last month, we delivered the Technovation mentors training for more than 50 mentors to help kick start the Technovation Cambodia 2019 program. Check out the activities. Our team also joined the global celebration to promote computer science education in "the Hour of Code", and everyone on our team successfully finished the program. Check out code.org for free coding lessons and games. We visited Siem Reap to talk to partners at the Lake Clinic Cambodia about the digitalization of their patient management system. The clinic staff working throughout the floating villages said the new system helped them to be more efficient and serve clients quickly. Stay tuned to hear more from the system’s users in our upcoming video. Finally, we kicked off new partnerships with InSTEDD to support the expansion of the Trey Visay application to help young Cambodians explore new major and career options, the Sisters of Code program for young women with IT Academy Step, and a mentoring program for young women in tech with Wedu.

Last month, we gathered our grantees and partners together for a networking event, and shared information about our new programs with SHE Investments and Youth Innovate Cambodia, as well as results and lessons learned from the People In Need emergency warning system project. Our team also traveled to Battambang to host sessions at BarCamp Battambang about Technovation 2019 and our newest youth-focused fund. Check out their activities here. We also closed two of our funding calls: the Sustainable Innovation Programs Fund and Youth Innovate Cambodia. We received many great applications from across the country! Stay tuned to our channels to see what happens with these exciting new programs. Don't forget, we keep our funding tracker up-to-date with information on global and local ICT4D funding opportunities, innovation competitions, and startup accelerators and incubators. Send us an email at leng_tri@dai.com if you want your funding opportunity to be listed on our page.

This research aims to identify the socio-cultural and structural factors that promote, demotivate, or prevent young women from engaging and furthering themselves in careers in tech and what young women want to be made available to them. Qualitative data was collected through a series of in depth interviews with stakeholders, comprised of Cambodian male and female tech leaders, civil society organizations and young women currently enrolled in tech studies, as well as focus group discussions with school age girls involved in the Technovation program. All described the importance of developing an interest for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at an early age.

This research identifies and maps actors that provide tech innovation support programs, services, and supplies to spur the creation and scale-up of technology-enabled solutions for both social innovation and private ventures. It analyzes the changes in the tech innovation landscape in Phnom Penh since 2013 including new entrants, significant factors that have contributed to the growth, funding mechanisms, popular modalities, and programs.

This study aims to capture the best practices, successes, challenges, lessons learned of the design and development of the Technology for Education Systems Transformation (TEST) project implemented by World Education Cambodia. The study also illustrates the significance of putting users at the core of project design, developing prototypes to test with iterative process, deploying the solution, and scaling it to reach more beneficiaries. In addition, the case study provides a comprehensive process of using human centered design method and recommendations for development practitioners who are interested to design ICT for education project in Cambodia.

We hope October was great for you and that you are ready for the new month! We are changing our format here a little bit based on your feedback, so please tell us what you think at the end of the newsletter. Last month, a new group of Young Innovators joined our team, and we are excited to work with them. Meymey and Boramey will be working with us for the next four months, so follow our pages to keep updated on their journey. We also visited some partners in Kampot, where our flood warning tool, Tepmachcha, was installed along the rivers in some of Cambodia’s most flood-prone areas. Stay tuned on all our media outlets for a new video about the project. We have also just launched a new activity designed for young Cambodians. It's called Youth Innovate Cambodia: a 3-month challenge program that aims to transform innovative ideas from Cambodian individuals into real activities and tech solutions. You can apply in Khmer or English! Is this what you're looking for? Check it out!

The start of this month also marks the beginning of  Technovation 2019! Registration is now open for the new season. If you want to be a mentor with, or a participant in the world largest tech entrepreneurship learning program, you can apply online. Click here for more info. Did you forget about Technovation? Catch up with the program and find out what happened during the World Pitch Event in Silicon Valley earlier in 2018, and read about the plan for Technovation 2019 in this recent blog post from our Tech Program Coordinator.

Back in August, we piloted our first ever User Research Course with trainees from our NGO and social enterprise partners. The course helps participants deal with one of the biggest challenges we see here in Cambodia – how do you better understand the users you serve? Over the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco, our Technovation ambassador Mrs. Omuoy Heang was awarded the prestigious Regional Ambassador of the Year during the Technovation Global World Pitch event. Technovation told us she got the award because she is an inspiring role model for girls in tech, has helped grow Technovation and expand it to new provinces, and because of Technovation Cambodia’s awesome social media work. Congratulations Omouy!

Last month, we moved our office from Toul Tompong to Phnom Penh Center, Block F, 4th Floor, Room #471. Find our new office on Google Maps! It was a big job, and we are still getting things ready for visitors. We promise it will be just as fun and inspirational to visit us at our new space! Stay tuned to this newsletter for updates on new programs. Don't forget that we are still looking for awesome applications for DI's Sustainable Innovation Programs Fund.

Happy July from Development Innovations! In June, we advertised two open calls for proposals: the ICT Project Scale Up and Sustainable Innovation Programs. If you have a successful ICT project looking to scale up to address social issues, or are running programs that support innovation culture, these might be right for you.

This May, we hosted the Technovation National Pitch event in Cambodia, which brought together more than 400 enthusiastic participants to see 14 all-girl teams pitch their business ideas. The teams all completed this year’s Technovation program, a technology entrepreneurship learning program for girls ages 10-18, and pitched with confidence and passion. Read more about the event here.

We are excited to announce that Development Innovations will continue to deliver services in Cambodia for another year with support from USAID Cambodia! During the extension period in 2018-2019, DI will work to build a pipeline of girls and women in technology and entrepreneurship, to support young professionals and business innovators in developing their ICT4D and soft skills, and to support the development of sustainable social innovations in ICT4D. As a part of this extension, we are proud to partner with SHE Investments for our final year. Stay tuned to our social media channels and newsletters to get updates on our new programming.

DI worked with CCC to build a stronger understanding of how Cambodian CSOs operate through a process we’re calling Member Insights. What is Member Insights? It’s a modified version of DAI Digital Insights design research method that focuses on member CSOs in the CCC network. Just as Digital Insights is the first step in a process to design digital tools and engagement methods for individuals, Member Insights is the first step in a process to design improved engagement and training programs for organizations. It is a rapid, inexpensive research method designed to highlight how organizations use technology and communicate, exploring communications as an organizational practice, focusing on which platforms are most common for internal information flows and how organizations engage external audiences such as beneficiaries, prospective beneficiaries, and the general public. In this case, the focus was Cambodian CSOs, but as a methodology, Member Insights can be applied to businesses, governmental units, and even families. Please download the report here!

March went by very quickly for our team and we hope it was very productive for you. Last month, Technovation Cambodia successfully hosted a Mini Demo Session to help the all-girl teams get feedback on their tech business projects. We invited the Minister of Education, Youth, and Sport, the US Ambassador to Cambodia, and some other guest coaches from the Cambodian tech field to listen and give feedback about their pitches. We also kicked off a new initiative to encourage more girls to join technology programs in Cambodia. Check out our “virtual ambassador” #IAmRachana on Twitter and Facebook to follow her journey through Technovation this year.

Our young professional program, the Young Innovator Program, is now halfway through the on-the-job six-month program. Read more about what the Young Innovators have learned so far here.

February was super productive at DI. We visited ten different innovation hubs and amazing co-working spaces in Phnom Penh to learn about their services, and went on field visits to see how projects are progressing across the country. We are also conducting a series of design research projects to help better understand our users and some of their challenges.

Our team also ran a booth at the 4th Cambodian Science and Engineering Festival to showcase some of the amazing innovations our partners have tested and built over the past four years. If you missed it, you can still browse through our project list to see what we've been doing. DI’s five Young Innovators are also hard at work. They successfully completed their human-centered design course and came up with an innovative learning session prototype for university students who want to boost their skills in social entrepreneurship.

Based on your feedback, we update our funding page regularly. Don’t forget to check it out if you are looking for information on ICT4D funding opportunities, innovation competitions, and startup accelerators and incubator openings. Send us an update at leng_tri@dai.com if you want your funding opportunity to be listed.

In January, we celebrated National Mentoring Month by sharing an inspirational quote from one of our great mentors from Technovation Cambodia 2015.  See what she has to say here.

Early this year, we also started a new six month program for fresh graduates and have welcomed five “Young Innovators” to the team. In their first month at DI, they have received practical trainings in social media, basic video, human-centered design, user research & digital insights, and monitoring, evaluation and learning. Stay tuned to our social media pages for more information about their journey.

December was a whirlwind of year end activities, and we took some time to look back at the last year: what exceeded our expectations and what didn’t deliver, what we learned, and how we pivoted. Don’t miss our blog post and year-in-review short video with some of the highlights of 2017.

Technovation is growing fast this year, and we hosted a three-city orientation workshop in December for incoming tech entrepreneurs-in-training. We are thrilled with the demand from so many young girls who want to grow their tech skills across Phnom Penh, Battambang and Siem Reap.

In November, we hosted a networking event for our grantees and partners in order for them to expand their networks and learn about four recent tech-enabled projects we have been working on. We also supported Cooperation Committee for Cambodia to deliver the video production course from our lab. Find out more about this hands-on, Khmer-language course here.

This October, our team and partners organized the Technovation Cambodia Alumni event to celebrate the success of all the Technovation Cambodia participants. Since 2014, we have supported Technovation and 50 teams of around 200 girls from Cambodia to compete in the tech entrepreneurship program. Follow Technovation Cambodia’s Facebook page for updates on Technovation 2018, or find answers to your questions on our website. We also opened up a new opportunity called the Young Innovator Program for recent university graduates who want to learn about innovation and tech in Cambodia. Find out more here and apply to work with us.

In September, our team had a long holiday to celebrate and refresh. Despite the long holiday, our team and partners organized the "EPIC Showcase" event, where social entrepreneurs, including our five EPIC Ventures, shared their experiences running social enterprises and being involved in the one year social business incubator. Thanks to our speakers from USAID Cambodia, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and the social enterprise and investor community, and to our partners at Impact Hub Phnom Penh for a great event. If you missed it, you can watch it here: Part 1 & Part 2 - including an awesome panel discussion with the EPIC ventures.

For us, in August, the Technovation Cambodia finalist team, Cambodia Identity Product, took off to Silicon Valley in San Francisco to attend the world pitch of the Technovation Challenge at Google headquarters. The five 11 and 12 year-old girls from Liger Leadership Academy did an amazing job at the pitch competing against peers from Hong Kong to Kenya. So many young Cambodians tell us they see the team as new tech role models, and we know this will help inspire even more girls to learn new tech skills in coming years. Watch their two-minute pitch here, or see their interview on the U.S. Embassy in Cambodia’s “Let’s Chat” Facebook show here.

We hope your month is off to a great start. This July, we published a video introducing Member Insights, a design research project we developed with our partner Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). The purpose of this research is to find out how Cambodian civil society organizations are using technologies right now and how they are communicating internally and with their beneficiaries, donors and stakeholders. You can access the full report here, and the live video of the presentation of findings and recommendations here.

This June was a busy and productive month for our team. After great pitches from the top four Technovation Cambodia teams to supporters at USAID and the U.S. Embassy mid-month, the two semi-finalist teams, Cambodia Identity Product and Silent Assassins, pitched their mobile applications and business plans to H.E. the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport. USAID Mission Director Polly Dunford and H.E. Minister Hang Chuon Naron gave them feedback and offered messages of encouragement for all the girls working to design their solutions to Cambodia’s development challenges. All of Technovation’s supporters across the country can’t wait to see them pitching at the Global Pitch event in August in San Francisco!

Hello again from the Development Innovations team! This May, we worked with our partners at Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) to carry out design research about how Cambodian civil society organizations are using new technologies and how they are communicating internally and with their beneficiaries, donors and stakeholders. If you missed the talk at TEKHUB on this research called “Member Insights”, stay tuned to our Facebook Page for the video version of the design research findings.

This April, we were hard at work supporting our grantees as they develop their ICT-enabled projects across 15 provinces. We also celebrated Earth Day by looking back at one of our social media campaign projects about Prey Lang forest in northern Cambodia. Read the blog post and watch the video about the creation of the grandfather “brand” and campaign in "Grandfather Prey Lang Connects People to the Jungle". Our 27th and 28th Basic Video Training courses, conducted all in Khmer, delivered great results this month. Trainees produced many new videos to tell their stories. Some of them are displayed at the Lab, come check them out! Stay tuned and follow our Facebook page for more info on the courses or reach out directly to 095 70 2008.

This March, we ran a set of booths with some of our partners at the Cambodia Science and Engineering Festival to showcase some amazing technologies created and used to solve problems in Cambodia. Check out this blog post "STEM Festival Inspires Cambodian Youth to Become Innovators" written by Mr. Samnang, our IT Manager, to see our activities and the results of our surveys and quiz from the festival.

Greetings from the team at Development Innovations! This February, our 23th and 24th Basic Video Training courses served 20 trainees, including an exclusive training for a team from the NGO consortium CHABDAI Organization. Our March courses are already booked, but you can still register for the courses in April, May, and June. There are limited spaces available so check out what is included in the course here, and register now for only $150 per person, or book an exclusive training for $1,000 for a group of up to 10 people. Book online or call 095 70 2008 for more information. Based on popular demand, we have another course under development @ The Lab. Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information on an NGO-focused social media course.

In January, our 21st and 22nd Basic Video Training courses served 18 trainees, including an exclusive training for a team from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Cambodia. Our February and March courses are already booked out, but you can still register for the courses in April, May, and June. There are limited spaces available so register now for only $150 USD per person, or book an exclusive training for $1,000 for a group of up to 10 people. Book online or call 095 70 2008 for more information.

Are you excited for 2017? Do you want to use new technologies in your work next year? Come see us! In December, our lab served over 80 clients with training and coaching services, with lots of interest in social media coaching. Also this month, our 17th and 18th Basic Video Training courses served 20 trainees, including an exclusive training for ADRA Cambodia’s provincial managers. Our January course is already booked out, and you can register now for the following two courses: February 7th-9th, 2017 and March 7th-9th, 2017. There are limited spaces available so register now for only $150 USD per person, or book an exclusive training for $1,000 for a group of up to 10 people. Book online or call 095 70 2008 for more information.

This study by Open Institute, funded by Development Innovations and The Asia Foundation, examines Cambodian phone users’ knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to Khmer-language typing, writing and search habits, and identifies the factors motivating them to use (or not use) Khmer script. It also attempts to identify changes and trends in the way Khmer-enabled phones are being used, including their role as a means of accessing the Internet – in particular, Facebook, the most popular social media site in Cambodia.

First, a quick update from our Innovation Lab! This month, we are excited to publish our new project video which will show you what we have been working on and how you can access our services. Also this month, our 15th and 16th Basic Video Training courses were successfully delivered to 20 trainees. If you don’t already know about this course, it’s a three-day basic videography course, conducted in Khmer, in which students will learn about theories related to storytelling, messaging, videography, video concept design, camera operation, and basic shooting and editing.

This month, we announced our latest Basic Video Training course offering. It is a three-day basic videography course in Khmer where students will learn about theories related to storytelling, messaging, videography, video concept design, camera operation, and basic shooting and editing. Students will have one day for shooting outdoors, and then be taught practical editing on the second day. On the third day, students will produce their very own videos and distribution plans.

On September 21st, we re-launched the 2nd Floor space on Street 271 as The Lab @ Development Innovations. Our new Lab will no longer serve as a free public space, since there are so many other great co-working spaces across Phnom Penh. Instead, it will focus on tech coaching, in-demand training like basic video production and basic social media, and provide hands-on tech advice targeted to the civil society community. Anyone can sign up for free advisory sessions or training through our website.

Earlier this month, Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) and the Development Innovations team met up to talk more about our long-term partnership. We are teaming up to refine ICT services for CCC members NGOs across the country, especially digital monitoring and data collection tools and video services. Also in August, Development Innovations and partner Impact Hub Phnom Penh launched an exciting one-year social business incubator program called EPIC (Entrepreneurship Program Impact for Change). Impact Hub and DI will support selected tech-based social ventures in Cambodia with technical and business coaching and support to help them launch their businesses. Do you have a business idea that will have a great social impact? See if this opportunity fits your business idea and apply.

In July, Development Innovations issued a new call for grants, this time for technology-enabled projects. Development Innovations wants to fund small grants of up to $50,000 for ICT projects in Cambodia. We are seeking applications from civil society organizations and and private-sector companies to fund the following activities: - Design and/or test of ICT Tool - Use of ICT to test content or messaging with users - Improvement and/or localization of existing tool/technology - Deployment of Tool, including funds for marketing costs, communication strategies and/or promotion of the deployment of the tool. For more details and requirements, please visit our website at www.development-innovations.org/technology-funding/

In June, Development Innovations' Facebook page reached 10,000 Likes. To celebrate this and to thank to all of our Facebook's followers, we also randomly selected 10 winners from all of our followers to give away 10 Barcamp Battambang t-shirt. In addition, 4 experts from our team volunteered to share their experience as the speakers for a variety of workshops during Barcamp Battambang, which was held 15-26 June. The month of June also featured the 2016 Cambodia ICT Awards. The 3 winners of the event were online bus ticket booking service BookMeBus, mobile payment system SmartPay, and Tosfund crowdfunding platform.

On May 7th, Development Innovations hosted an event called Robotics Basics, organized by The Liger Learning Center. The Liger Learning Center is an innovative organization and school that supports promising children from low-income families. This event introduced robotics to fourth to sixth graders and allowed the Liger Learning Center students to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for robotics to encourage Cambodians to learn more about robotics.

Despite the Khmer New Year holiday, April was a busy month for the team at Development Innovations (DI). In collaboration with the Cambodian Center for Independent Media (CCIM), DI provided social media training to participants from 53 civil society organizations across Cambodia. With our support, Technovation Cambodia held its first ever National Pitch Event at CKCC and BarCamp Ratanakiri kicked off this past weekend. As many of the tech solutions we help build are launched, we also participated in reflection workshops  and user feedback sessions in Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu. If you want to hear more from us, please like our Facebook page and subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive contents on ICT for Development, funding, training and events.

This study by Open Institute, funded by Development Innovations and The Asia Foundation, examines Cambodian phone users’ knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to Khmer-language typing, writing and search habits, and identifies the factors motivating them to use (or not use) Khmer script. It also attempts to identify changes and trends in the way Khmer-enabled phones are being used, including their role as a means of accessing the Internet – in particular, Facebook, the most popular social media site in Cambodia with over 3.4 million users as of December 2015, a 22% penetration rate.