From 2013-2019, we supported projects that helped Cambodians learn new tech-related skills, boosted entrepreneurial capacity, and employed innovative practices to get results. Our projects ranged from digital skills courses to business incubators and accelerators, and social media campaigns to young professional programs. Explore the projects below.

This grant supports IT Academy STEP to provide three practical coding courses for girls aged 10-18 from public schools in Phnom Penh to support an early interest in technology, and a solid foundation of computer programming basics through a project-based learning metholodgy.

Technovation has been organized in Cambodia by USAID’s Development Innovations since 2014. The program has helped more than 400 Cambodians learn how to identify a problem in their community and learn coding and practical business development skills to develop a mobile app to address the problem. Read more detail here...

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Development Innovations and Technovation Cambodia started running a communications initiative, #IAmRachana in 2017.

Rachana is a champion for girls in tech and the ‘virtual Ambassador’ for Technovation Cambodia. Rachana shares information about Technovation's program activities and accomplishments, and encourages young girls to be tech creators. Want to know more about Rachana? Read here…

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Partners: SHE Investments

This partnership supports SHE Investments to deliver incubator and accelerator programs for women with start-ups and micro, small and growing enterprises in Cambodia. The incubator and accelerator program helps female entrepreneurs improve their self-confidence, leadership abilities, and business skills. Participants receive tailored mentoring support and build networks to scale their businesses and improve impact in their communities.

Success Story: SHE Investments Levels Up its Support to Female Entrepreneurs