APS 003

APS 003


What is the Annual Program Statement (APS) looking to fund?

Development Innovations seeks to support civil society organizations (CSOs) and/or private companies that are interested and willing to scale up successful information and communications technology (ICT)-enabled projects that address socio-economic development challenges in Cambodia.
Examples of ICT-enabled projects include development activities that are enhanced by software, mobile/wireless technologies/mobile app, social media, websites, games, interactive voice response hotlines, or other new technologies.

Examples of Eligible Activities

The APS seeks to fund the following types of activities:

  • Expansion of an existing ICT-enabled project to other targeted areas and/or audiences (illustrative example: successful literacy assessment application served four schools, and the grant funds the expansion to more schools in five new provinces)
  • Expansion of the content in an existing ICT-enabled project to serve larger number of beneficiaries (illustrative example: updating health clinic locator map on website to include more locations in provinces)
  • Expansion of an existing ICT tool to 1) include additional features, and/or 2) to expand to a new platform (illustrative example: addition of a progress tracker and audio features to a literacy assessment application; or expanding app content to a website)

Grant funding will be supplemented with technical support from Development Innovations’ advisory services. Awardees will be expected to share evaluation results and key lessons, as well as disseminate outcomes with the broader tech and innovation community.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

In order to meet minimum eligibility criteria for grant award, the applicant or its grant application must:

  • Be an officially registered entity/organization in Cambodia (NGOs need to be registered with Ministry of Interior or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and companies need to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce)
  • Must follow all instructions provided in this APS
  • Be submitted by the deadline as stated in the APS.

What are the Evaluation Criteria?

All applications that meet the minimum eligibility criteria and follow all instructions stated in the APS will be reviewed by the evaluation committee. Applicants whose concept note applications follow successfully align with the objectives of the APS will be invited for an in-person presentation.

Concept note applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Clear problem and audience definition (5 points)
  • Evidence of impact from pilot phase, based on real data and engagement with users (5 points)
  • Scale up approach is reasonable and appropriate, given context and user data (10 points)
  • Scale up approach incorporates lessons learned from pilot phase (5 points)
  • Scale up approach demonstrates plan for user engagement (5 points)
  • Plan for sustainable funding (or revenue) and staffing is reasonable and appropriate, given context (5 points)
  • Key personnel and staff proposed have the relevant skills and experience to implement proposed activity (5 points)
  • Timeline and budget are appropriate for described process (10 points)

In-person presentations will be evaluated based on the following:

  • Must include at least 2 key personnel (10 points)
  • Provide clear explanations and evidence based answers to Evaluation Committee’s questions (10 points)
  • Make clear and reasonable arguments to support their proposed activities and objectives (10 points)
  • Shows willingness and flexibility to consider Evaluation Committee’s suggestions (10 points)
  • Understands potential implementation risks and proposes realistic mitigation methods (10 points)

For full detail of the evaluation criteria and scoring system, please refer to the APS: Section 6 – SELECTION CRITERIA.

How to Apply & Important Dates:

To apply for funding, please find the full instructions and guidelines in our Annual Program Statement.
Development Innovations will not review concepts that do not meet the instructions listed below or elsewhere in this APS:

  • All applications must be submitted using the concept note template.
  • All applications must be no longer than 5 pages. DI will not review applications that exceed the 5-page limit.
  • All applications must be submitted in either Word or PDF format via email, and must include Attachment A & B (see below)
  • All applications must be submitted no later than the deadline on the cover page of this APS or subsequently announced deadlines.
  • Funds requested from DI must not exceed $80,000
  • All applications must be submitted in font size 11.
  • All materials must be in English

Further questions regarding the APS requirements should be submitted in writing to grants@development-innovations.org no later than June 29, 2018 by 5:00PM Phnom Penh time. Answers to questions will be posted by July 04, 2018.

Application package must be submitted electronically via email to grants@development-innovations.org no later than July 31, 2018 by 5:00 PM Phnom Penh time.

A notice of award will be given in writing via email by the Grants Manager to notify both the successful and unsuccessful applicants on/about September 15, 2018.

Important Resources & Documents:

Closed Funding Calls: