World’s Largest BarCamp in Cambodia Showcases Tech and Start-up Expertise

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Leng TRI

By Leng TRI

Communications Specialist
Development Innovations

On Sunday, October 21st, 2018, the Institute of Technology of Cambodia hosted the world’s largest BarCamp, attracting over 8,000 attendees, 60 exhibitors, 95 speakers, and 1,000 companies and organizations. It was amazing to see how this event has grown since 2008, and how they continue to mobilize thousands of tech fans from all over the country each year.

Some of the most popular activities this year included the launch of Cambodia’s first laptop, Koompi, a meet-up of Cambodia’s most popular YouTube stars and live student showcases. In addition, the Development Innovations team ran a booth to showcase three of our most recent projects, including #iamrachana, Technovation Cambodia, and our newest program Youth Innovate Cambodia, 3-month challenge program that aims to transform innovative ideas from Cambodia individuals into real activities and solutions. Our team also hosted three different sessions about funding opportunities for youth, rapid prototyping, and building a hologram.

Over the two-day event, we conducted a short survey with 105 participants (61% were male) to find out how this youth audience uses social media platforms, messaging apps, and mobile payment applications. According to the survey, the 3 top social media platforms used are #1 Facebook, followed by #2 YouTube, and #3 Instagram. The top 3 online messaging apps used are #1 Facebook Messenger, follow by #2 Telegram, and #3 Line. Finally, since mobile payments are new in Cambodia, the survey results indicated most people used Wing, follow by ABA, and then 21% of respondents said they don’t use any mobile payment services.




The very first BarCamp was founded in the United States in 2005 as an international network of user-generated conferences that focused on technology and the web. By 2008, tech enthusiasts in Cambodia organized their own BarCamp, and since then, the event has happened every year in the capital and around the country. USAID’s Development Innovations funded this event and helped BarCamp to grow and reach more Cambodians in the provinces in 2015 and 2016, and it is now funded by the private sector. BarCamp has reached other large municipalities outside the capital like Barcamp Takeo, and taken tech to more remote areas like BarCamp Ratanakiri. We encourage people to sign up for the next BarCamp and connect to the next generation of techies and problem-solvers!