World Pitch Summit Exhibits New Pathways for Girls in Tech

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

By Gechcheang Chea, Tech Programme Coordinator, and Lydet Pidor, Lead Mentor for Technovation Cambodia

This year, 12 global finalist teams representing 10 countries from around the world flew to San Francisco to attend the final event of the Technovation season, the World Pitch. The longest trip was for a team from the State of Palestine, over 7,400 miles travelling by air.

The first day started with a very warm welcome by the Technovation team to all the participants from all around the globe. A Technovation photo booth with hundreds of stickers was prepared at the opposite of the mini stage which was rocked by Monica Gragg, the Program Manager of Technovation Global. To us, she is also a party champion.

Exposure Visits Highlight New Innovations

Silicon Valley in San Francisco is the biggest tech ecosystem across the globe, made up of thousands of global tech companies, including some giant companies like Google, Intel, and HP. We visited the HP office and their 3D printing lab with advanced 3D printing machines, a Virtual Reality (VR) showroom, and a lot of 3D printed products such as a printed coke bottle, jacket, package, and even a reusable ID card where you can change the printed name on the card thousands of times. It is so great that HP also thinks about the environmental and sustainability issues.

Furthermore, HP also organized a short panel discussion with 4 female leaders where they shared their experiences and their life stories, as well as their journeys to build professional experiences, and motivational tips to inspire all the girls, and to inspire us as educators as well.
“Study is important, but human connection is a key to success. Don’t be afraid of putting yourself out there, make a plan and be positive,” one of the panelists said.

How Technovation is Optimizing from Cambodia, and Across the Globe

After the coordination meetings, we have some exciting news for next year’s Technovation program around the world and in Cambodia:


  • There will be a new learning platform available for the Technovation curriculum, in addition to the existing platform MIT App Inventor 2. This new platform will help Technovation participants build mobile apps for iOS operating systems because of the increasing demand.
  • Some lessons in the curriculum will be updated, such as Ideation Units, to make it more aligned with the standards in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).
  • The registration and submission for the 2019 program will open on October 1, 2018.

In Cambodia:

  • We will make the Technovation resources more accessible in terms of language, and provide how-to guides to help mentors and Technovation Clubs run the program for their teams.
  • We will have more partners, and work with new Technovation Clubs in new parts of the country.

In spite of the tight agenda for all breakout sessions, all the Regional Ambassadors were trained on storytelling skills and “speaking to what matters”. Experienced communicator Katherine Kennedy led this session focusing on the three C’s: which stand for Challenge – Choice – Change. It is a method to let us reflect on peaks and valleys, feelings, the choices we’ve made to handle the challenges we have faced, and how we’ve changed and grown to see the world and ourselves differently.

We learned a lot about the challenges that other Regional Ambassadors have faced around the world, especially about getting funds to run their programs. We felt lucky and really appreciated that Technovation has so many supporters and people that fight with us here in Cambodia.

Technovation Pitch Night & Celebration Day

Before Pitch Night, the Cambodian visiting team Legendary Helpers amazed the audiences by presenting the app they developed to track children’s activities like mood and meal consumption. The spectators were in awe and applauded them for their talent in pitching their ideas, and how they were taking steps to make their idea a reality. We were so proud to see Cambodia represented, and they were even nominated for Technovation’s People’s Choice Award!

Pitch night was an incredible moment to listen to some cool ideas through one-minute pitches from tech-savvy girl-team ages 10 to 18 from around the world. In total, there were top 12 finalist teams, half were in junior division which is under 14 years old, and half in senior division which is ages 15-18. We noticed that the quality of the app prototypes and ideas were so advanced, with key important innovative features. Mostly, their solutions reflected the problems in their community and how they wanted to address them with their own tech creations.

Everyone was impressed by this stunning group of girls stepping up to lead the change in their communities. They are already changing the world, together with the people who support them.

Learn more about this program’s impact, and how it has empowered girls to be tech creators by exploring the 2018 season result, and catch up on some of the best moments in the 2018 event summary.