Women in ICT4D? Cambodian Role Models are All Around

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ


By Kate Heuisler

Chief of Party
Development Innovations

One popular old Khmer proverb says “Women can only stay around the kitchen”.  We think this is pretty limiting, and not true of the vibrant, diverse tech and innovation communities we see growing in Cambodia. Through our programming, we are working to modernize this phrase with our own twist, and twist it around to reflect the reality we see every day across the country. The new version of the proverb we developed is a play on words and reads: “Women like to work around the computer”.

In 2016, we celebrated International Women’s Day on Digital@DAI’s blog, and looked back at practical ways DI has designed inclusive programs that work ensure women and men both have opportunities to access tech services and opportunities in Cambodia. One year later, in 2017, we have our own blog @ DI and focus on content for our audience in Cambodia. So this year for International Women’s Day, we created a video with some of the inspirational stories and thoughts from some of the great women in tech working across the tech ecosystem in Cambodia. We interviewed students from Technovation, the tech entrepreneurship program for girls ages 10-18, and a few other programmers and tech experts. See what they have to say here.

List of Original Videos:

At DI, we work to help people design and use information and communication technologies to address development challenges. We celebrate women in tech on International Women’s Day, and every day.