Why We Should Encourage an Internal Learning Culture at the Workplace

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By Setha RATH

Senior Innovation Program Manager
Development Innovations

“Taking an online training course with my team at work is way more effective than taking online course alone.”Chandy MAO, Innovation Project Coordinator at Development Innovations.
Learning is a journey not a destination…and it never gets old. At Development Innovations, we value internal learning, peer to peer mentoring and coaching. In addition to learning from practical and on-job training, we also take free online training courses at work with our team members during lunch break. Fostering internal learning culture at the workplace is important given that it provides the organization and employees considerable benefits. First of all, we are able to gain new knowledge and skills that are relevant to the job. For instance, five of our team members from the program department took a 5-week course on social impact analysis on Plus Acumen, which is critical for project evaluation. Did it work? The Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Department told me that the social impact analysis course provided them with deeper insights in terms of identifying social impact indicators and whether the project has targeted the beneficiaries it originally aims to serve. On top of that, undertaking the online training with the team is fun and it helps improve the relationship and communication with your team members.

Some people are more inclined to the in-person training or learning in a classroom setting and might not feel comfortable to take an online course on their own as it sounds unfamiliar. In my experience, undertaking an online course alone can be challenging. However, when I took the online course with my team, it contradicted my assumption. Actually, learning with my colleagues is very collaborative, effective and enjoyable. Additionally, we are able to create a positive learning environment and discussion platform at the office. It also helps us relate the theories we learned with the work we are doing. For example, we use a prototyping method to come up with ideas about how might we can create an environment to improve the health of our staff members.



Interested in taking free online training courses with your colleagues? Come on, it’s fun! Check out these websites below and I recommend you take these courses with at least two of your colleagues.

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