Toolkit to Guide Your Team through Technovation Cambodia

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

By Gechheang CHEA

Tech Programme Coordinator
Development Innovations

Technovation Cambodia is one of the most well-known tech entrepreneurship training programs in Cambodia focused on girls. Since 2014, Technovation has reached more than 400 girls around the country, and we have seen impressive results from all the teams in terms of both hard coding skills, as well as soft skills like pitching, teamwork and effective communication. Cambodia is one of over 115 countries across the world that participates in this innovative program to address the gender divide in tech. All of the global learning materials are available online in English, however, some of our mentors wanted access to follow-up materials in Khmer to help them better serve their Technovation teams.

In 2019, Technovation Clubs are being hosted at nine locations in Phnom Penh and Battambang.

This year, USAID’s Development Innovations produced materials and tools to support self-learning for both Technovation club participants and mentors too. These Khmer language e-learning tools provide in-depth tips and tricks, recommendations of successful case studies from Cambodia, and information about user research and user-centered design for the Cambodian context.

So in addition to studying at Technovation Clubs, students are now able to learn through these video curriculum toolkits in their own homes, with friends, teammates, professors or their parents.

HOW DO I ACCESS THE VIDEOS? It’s extremely easy!!!

All of the videos can be found on the Technovation Cambodia Youtube Channel. Everyone can use and download them for free. You can also find the video and learning/mentoring slide links on the Technovation Cambodia page under “Supplementary Learning Materials in Khmer”.
Additionally, you can find the learning and teaching slides for technical and business lessons by clicking on the attached links the video descriptions for self-driven and learning/mentoring. There are also prototyping samples in .apk and .aia files for coding lesson examples, too.


People are using these tutorials around the country, and we are getting feedback since we launched the materials earlier this year. “I found the tutorial video fairly useful. It’s short, simple, precise and time-saving for a first-time mentor like me. It helps me to get myself ready for each class, and able to prepare for the next class effectively. The video tutorial is a secret of mentor’s success,” said PHA Puthichan, a business mentor at the Technovation Club at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia.
Check out the materials now, and let us know what you think!