The Power of Digital Design

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Sophat CHY

By Sophat CHY

Digital Design Specialist
Development Innovations

Digital design is a skill which requires computers and other technology tools to help a designer create digital images. You need it to design memes, a website or a game graphic. To me, it is a communication tool between the designer and the viewer.

Based on the demand for good design work in event promotion and organization, I started to design. At first, it was very difficult for me as I didn’t have many creative ideas and had no academic skill in design. Even with no skills, I made it work with my first design products. With an increase in demand for the design work at work as for events promotion and organization, I realized what I really wanted, and that was when I started designing on my own. I had an Information technology (IT) background from my university courses, and I had worked on many ICT-related events like BarCamp and Startup Weekend across the country with lots of tech specialists. Those experiences made me understand more about the user’s situation and helped me develop myself to become a designer.

I love design work because it is a beautiful communication tool which connects a designer and other people. It has to be attractive, creative, and useful. In short, it is amazing. Great design makes the viewer happy.

Where does creativity come from? Based on my experiences, the situation of the viewer is very important. Situation here includes an understanding of time, social context, cultural and social customs and others socio-economic conditions. If you want to be creative, first you need to gather a lot of information from multiple sources and that will help you understand the situation. Then, you can make your design come alive from your imagination and viewers can connect to it. Effective creative expression does not happen by itself, it requires that we study and understand the viewers’ context and social experience.