Meet The Man Spreading Positive Vibes Through Video & Social Media: Ken Horn’s Story



By Georgi Simpkin

Communications Consultant

I think we can all agree that more good news in the world can only be a good thing. So, meeting someone who has dedicated his life to spreading positivity is a joy in itself. Meet Horn Ken, an Academic Lecturer teaching Personal Growth & Development at the University of Pannasastra (PUC).

Horn’s spiritual journey started many years ago when he trained as a Buddhist monk. At just 13, he started his studies and began to learn the teachings of Buddha which he still uses today in his classroom. After gaining his Bachelors in International Relations and a Masters in Peace & Development, he began volunteering as a teaching assistant at PUC. During this time, he observed, “The youth in Cambodia tend to be very busy with K-pop, gaming and their smart phones. They don’t always know how to help themselves,” says Horn. This experience clarified his mission in life: to help the Cambodian youth to do good and to encourage them to feel empowered to do good.

This is where his DI journey begins. Back in 2017, Horn was looking for video training courses in Phnom Penh and found the Development Innovations Basic Video Training course. “Before I do the training, I have a lot of good ideas and positive stories that I want to tell but I don’t know how to tell them. The DI training empowered me to bring my ideas into action,” says Horn. From the training, Horn was able to not only learn how to produce a video from scratch, but he was able to adapt the video training for his Personal Growth & Development students.

“I still use the materials from the course and the presentation when I teach my students how to create short videos.” All students who take his University class are required to develop short videos. He goes on to say, “Youth in Cambodia tend to be introverted and they wait to be talked to. On my course I help the students to find their voice and video is one of the ways we do this. Through video we offer them a way to share their voice on things that matter to them.”

Encouraged by his DI video training experience, Horn later returned to DI to take part in the Social Media training. The tools and techniques he learnt during the course e.g. how to effectively post on Facebook, understanding Facebook insights and when to post, firmly contributed to the success of the Personal Growth Class PUC Facebook page. In just a few days the Facebook page grew to 13,000 and some two years later they have over 123,000 followers on Facebook. “They [DI] helped to change our community a lot. It really helped to bring more goodness to our society. Without the video and social media skills we cannot bring good ideas into digital markets,” says Horn.

Motivated by his success with his students he recently launched his own Facebook page called, Inspire To Do Good Through Storytelling. “I spend a lot of time helping other people to have their voice heard but this year I decide to do it myself. I take a video of myself. It is a bit scary at first, I worry that no one is going to watch my videos,” says Horn. He has over 100,000 followers and counting. Horn is determined to keep spreading positivity through education and technology and to continue on his personal and professional mission to empower young people to do good in the world.