Make Your Own Hologram: Bring IAmRachana To Life!

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ


By Sovanvatey KHUON

Innovation Program Assistant
Development Innovations


What do you think is a cool, new way to deliver your messages across the country? I vote for creating a virtual character and bringing it to life! We did that with IAmRachana– the virtual ambassador for Technovation Cambodia. After designing the 2D character for IAmRachana with Adobe Illustrator, I wanted to animate her so that she could be a champion for girls in tech and deliver messages to all Technovation girls across the country. I also wanted to bring IAmRachana to the National Pitch stage so the girls could feel connected to a “real-life” girl standing on stage pitching her project, just like them! So, I made IAmRachana a hologram projector to amplify her image and message.

But what is a hologram? Simply put, a hologram uses the light reflections from the surface of display devices (Ex: LCD, TV, desktop, phone, projectors etc.) to display 3D images into space. There are many types of holograms.  It sounds really complicated, right? But that doesn’t mean it is impossible. I was inspired to learn and research more about it, and I was able to teach myself how to do it online for free.

Do you want to build your own hologram projector at home and project IAmRachana’s message around in your house or your school? In this blog post, I’m going to give you steps to create the most basic low-cost hologram projector. It is just like the one I used during the National Pitch event: the pyramid hologram.

First – Get Your Materials.

  • Reflection tools. Glass or clear hard plastics helps reflect the image. You can use any kind of plastic, but remember it must reflect the image and must be thick or strong enough to stand on its own. I recommend using the plastic cases around your house. In my case, I used the plastic headset case since it’s easy to cut and it’s free.
  • A smartphone. An average smartphone has a 5 inch screen. And remember, you have to cut the plastic for the projector based on the phone size, too.
  • A scissor, a ruler, and tape or glue.

Second – Cut and Assemble the Hologram Projector.

  • Cut the plastic into 4 trapezoid shapes. The size of the trapezoid is top: 1 cm, height: 4 cm and base: 6 cm (See image for detail). Many smartphone devices use this size and if you want to build one for an iPad or bigger screen, you can do the math to make sure it is the right size.
  • Stick it together with clear tape to form a pyramid shape. You must make sure that the pyramid hologram projector is able to stand on its own.


Third – Project the Hologram Video.

  • Go to YouTube, search for “IAmRachana Hologram” and play it in full-screen mode.
  • Then, place your hologram projector in the center of the screen. Remember, a hologram needs a dark place to display images. So, you need to find a proper place that is not too bright. The darker the better.
  • Place the smartphone at the level of your eyes then you can see the 3D image floating in your hologram projector.

Now, your hologram can be viewed from the 4 sides of the pyramid, so call your friends to see this cool stuff, too. Do you all see IAmRachana now?

A hologram is a type of technology, too. You have just successfully created a low-cost solution to help display our champion for girls in tech. Now, she can deliver messages to inspire other girls to become tech creators like you! You can project her messages anytime, and don’t forget to share it to your friends!