Retrospective: Launch of Business Information Platform by SHE Investments

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On Thursday, August 31th, 2017, with support from USAID’s Development Innovations and EZECOM, SHE Investments launched a Business Information Platform called Ngeay Ngeay, which aims to provide female entrepreneurs with the information and tools they need to overcome barriers in business and increase their participation in, and contribution to, the formal economy. Increasingly, Cambodians are turning to ICT tools to help them access information and do things more efficiently. Acting Deputy Mission Director at USAID Cambodia Adam Schumacher said supporting innovations like these is a priority at USAID, saying, “Innovations in technology can provide a powerful engine for Cambodia to further advance its economic growth and create new business opportunities.”

His Excellency Reach Ra, Undersecretary of State of the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce opened the event. Adam Schumacher, Acting Deputy Mission Director at USAID Cambodia, Celia Boyd, Managing Director of SHE Investments, and Sok Yeng, Enterprise Sales Manager from EZECOM, also provided remarks and officially launched the website. There were 100 participants from the private sector, government, civil society, start-up community, and local innovation hubs.

“Ngeay Ngeay Business Information Platform is the first website in Cambodia that provides detailed business information for female entrepreneurs. And I would like to encourage all women who are interested in business to use the information in this website as much as possible,” remarked H.E Reach Ra, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Commerce.

“In Cambodia, 65% of businesses are owned by women, but only about 1% of those businesses are formally registered,” remarked She Investments’ Managing Director Celia Boyd, giving more information about the scope of the problem.

The website is free to access in both English and Khmer, and provides up-to-date, regularly reviewed information based on changing regulations. Both aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who wish to transition to the formal sector, or who simply need business information, can access this user-friendly and practical tool.

“SHE Investments is clearly one innovative project that will simultaneously pave way for the promotion of entrepreneurship and women’s role in community”, said Okhna Paul Blanche-Horgan, CEO of EZECOM. He continued, “As a leading ISP in Cambodia, EZECOM is eager to put Ngeay Ngeay into practice and to assist women entrepreneurs whose dreams are setting their own businesses and whose struggles the lack of necessary information.”

“Even though the number of businesses and enterprises owned by women is low, this number keeps increasing gradually. And Ngeay Ngeay website supports more women to participate in the formal economy and expand their business,” remarked H.E Reach Ra, “The Royal Government of Cambodia and the Ministry of Commerce fully support this initiative. This website will help Cambodian women to participate in formal economy, create more jobs, and increase business incomes which will boost up Cambodia’s economy and reduce gender inequality in business.”

The users are also pleased with platform so far. Chov Rachana, founder/owner microbusiness Eisan Handicraft, attended the launch and said, “I really love this website. I believe this website can support more female entrepreneurs to register their business. They are not different from me, we all want to get recognition and expand our business.”

The event ended with a short video presentation about the website and live demonstration of the platform developed by Cambodian tech firm Codingate.

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