IamRachana, IamCoding, and IamCute!

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

By Sokcheng SEANG, Co-founder, Wapatoa


Has anyone of you ever heard of #IAmRachana? Well, you have probably not, and that’s why you’re missing out on a pretty cool, young lady! 

Originally developed by USAID’s Development Innovations, Rachana is the ambassador of Technovation, and more broadly, an ambassador for all the young girls out there who are doing (or will do) coding, and all things STEM! Okay, a bit of self-pity insert here, where was Rachana when I was young? Maybe I could have learned to code this website, on top of just writing and panicking when something goes wrong! 

But well, the past is the past. Even though I couldn’t have had Rachana when I was young, I am glad to get the chance to help Rachana in the present! Wapatoa has joined hands with the lovely people over at DI to make some pretty cute comic strips about the life of this adorable little nerd! 

I mean, it’s never too late to be inspired by Rachana, by her curiosity for life, generosity and most importantly, her cute braided pigtails. Read the comics and see for yourself.

Want more? Go follow Rachana and her amazing life on Facebook (and tell her you love her)! 

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