Grandfather Prey Lang Connects People to the Jungle

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ


By Kate Heuisler

Chief of Party
Development Innovations

We love telling stories with video, one of the most powerful and popular communication mediums in Cambodia. This video highlights stunning scenes, animals, and plants from Prey Lang forest in northern Cambodia. It tells a short story about the design and creation of the Lokta Prey Lang លោកតា ព្រៃឡង់ character by a consortium of stakeholders, and the multi-media campaign run by our partner MEDIA One to promote the character. Lokta means grandfather in Khmer, and is a character created to humanize or “brand” the forest. The grandfather is an esteemed and revered figure in Cambodian culture, and artist Oeur Sokuntevy worked to paint his character and surroundings in coordination with a branding expert, and a variety of NGOs and development projects working in conservation across Prey Lang. We wanted to see what happened when we crowdsourced in person, or collected opinions and ideas from many different people, to help craft a unified picture and message.

This campaign was designed to push positive messaging about the forest landscape to see if it would attract more people to engage with and care about Cambodia’s natural heritage sites. In addition to a strategic Facebook campaign, MEDIA One managed other awareness-raising activities including in-person events and contests, as well as a radio show where people called in to talk with Lokta Prey Lang. The radio program educated listeners about key facts on the forest. Following the radio program, MEDIA One tested comprehension with an SMS-based quiz, and 84% of respondents surveyed answered the quiz 100% correctly. Ms. Tang Sonhean, one of the campaign participants from a university in Phnom Penh, said, “After participating in the Cambodian Natural Heritage Awareness Initiative, I am much more appreciative of the forest… I’ve never been to Prey Lang, but the event made me feel like I was there. I hope to have the opportunity to visit Prey Lang one day.”

Watch and explore how the image was created and used to promote the natural heritage of Cambodia: