Get to Know Your Users: Why It Matters

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ


By Sotheavy AT

Video Advisor
Development Innovations

In this vlog our Video Advisor Sotheavy follows Vantharith, our ICT4D Advisor, as he introduces user testing, explains why it is important for your tech project and share tips on how to run a user testing session. He meets our partner Children In Families (CIF), a Cambodian NGO working on child welfare and child rights protection, to learn more about how CIF used this simple method to develop their user-friendly Child Care Case Management system.

Are you currently working on the development of a technology product or tool? Want to learn on how to run a user testing session? Now, it’s your turn! Book a tech coaching session with Vantharith now – by calling 095 702008 or visiting our website: