First Person Interview with Video Trainee Horn Ken

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អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

Leng TRI

By Leng TRI

Communications Specialist
Development Innovations

We believe our products and services at Development Innovations (DI) are only as good as their usefulness. We regularly check in with our paying clients, partners and grantees to see what we could be doing better, and what is working well for them. This is a short interview with one of our video course trainees from the 21st Generation.  Horn Ken is a Masters student at Pannassastra University of Cambodia, and he took the course in January 2017.  He has already put it to use and made more videos. Read his interview to find out more:

Q: Tell us about yourself, why were you interested in our video training?

I am right now assistant teaching a Personal Growth and Development class with Dr. Kol Pheng in Pannasastra University of Cambodia. I am inspired by the class I am working with because the class is all about building good habits for the young generation, changing their perception and motivating them to aim higher. Personally, I want to motivate students to have a successful career and life. While teaching, I keep thinking what other ways besides in-class teaching I can use to spread lessons to the students and the public. I found that social media, especially Facebook, will help me send these messages beyond class. Further, if I could produce a short video explaining a particular lesson, it would be an amazing product for the public. When it is published online, video is there forever and people can go back to watch it anytime they want.

Interestingly, after I saw a Facebook ad for DI’s basic video training, I went to it straightforward. I called the people in DI and asked them if they could get me enrolled very soon. I was just hungry to learn this short video training.
Q: Tell us about the training. Did it work for you?  Why or why not?

This training is so effective to me. I got to learn the concept of designing, using camera and the actual shooting so I can edit a video for my own product. The training is a complete set for me. I can now produce my own video after this training. I like the way my instructors (Ms. Sotheavy and Mr. Chandy) taught me. They were so dedicated in delivering their knowledge to me. Also, the DI center has all equipment I need to learn this basic video training. It was the most effective one I have ever studied.
Video Training
Q: How will you use what you have learned?

I can’t wait to share to my knowledge to the public. Just after the training concluded, I partnered with a professor in my university and worked on a real project. We created a Facebook page on January 16, 2017 then we published our video from the course on it. We found out that our video is inspiring and helps changing perception of the students. Through their comments and sharing, we realized that we must produce more videos related to education and social change.
Q: Tell us about your Facebook page and how it become popular?

After I’ve done my training at DI, I created a FB page on 16 January 2017 called “ថ្នាក់បណ្តុះគុណធម៌ – PUC”. The page started from zero likes to 13,000 likes within two days. It amazes us a lot. We didn’t believe we could get thousands of likes so quick like this. As my observation, I believe there are five main reasons that my FB page became so popular:

  • The production skills for the video (based on DI’s training)
  • The concept and message of the video
  • The topic I chose for the right time in Cambodia and for the right audiences
  • My current mentor, Venerable Kou Sopheap, who has always told me make clear and short messages for my audience. He reviews all the videos I make.
  • My willingness to produce an educational video. I have put my head, heart and hand in producing these videos.

Q: Would you recommend this video training to others? Why do you think it would be useful for them?

My message is that we’ve got to do all we can in order to send our good lessons the public. Writing a book, lecturing in class, hosting a radio and publishing news in a magazine is not enough. Today, the young generation spends a lot of time online. We can’t just reach them by radio or book anymore. We’ve got to reach them by what they are using. If they are using Facebook then why don’t we produce a message in Facebook and sharing with them. Short video is one of the effective tools to reach our audience online.

Therefore, for those who have business in dealing with people I would wholeheartedly recommend you all to join a video training conducted by DI. This training is going to be an extraordinary tool for you to bring good news, ads, or your products to your targets or customers. Remember, a good message is a start, but the video will make it even better.

Q: Do you think it is worthwhile to invest your time and money in this training?

Investing $150 for video training at DI is investing in ourselves and this knowledge will not get old. The more we use the more professional and the more sharp we get. This investment does not just make a living for us but a fortune for us individually as well as our society as a whole. Register now and be ready for the amazing class provided!