Demystifying the Elements of Digital Design

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Sophat CHY

By Sophat CHY

Digital Design Specialist
Development Innovations

Hi all! My name is Sophat CHY. I work as a Digital Design Specialist at Development Innovations and I also teach the design element of DI’s Social Media Training.  Graphic design is an important communication tool, and a new and efficient way to communicate your idea and message to the audience through beautiful images. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a long-time digital design lover, here is some information about some basic elements of design for you to use to create your own design.

1. Fonts
For design in Cambodia, fonts are a vital element to attract the audience. It can really “make or break” your work. We have to choose the right font to reflect the time period and express emotion so that the audience can read the content easily and understand the context. Fonts are the art of making text become alive and to make sure your message comes through. For example, one word shows different emotions in different fonts. (But if you are working with people who cannot read, fonts are not the most important element.)
2. Lines
Lines are used in almost every design because they make great ornaments. We can use thick, thin, long or short lines in our design that show importance or separate ideas and elements in your design. Lines or grids are commonly used in design around us and have been around for a long time. Thus, thinking about lines is essential in digital design.
3. Shapes
A shape is formed by lines and other elements. Shapes can be rectangle, triangle, circle, arch, or any imaginable shape. They are frequently used in web page design and in other forms of design. Be creative! You can put things into the shapes and use them to separate ideas!
4. Colors
Color is an indispensable element. It gives taste to the design because it attracts the audience and expresses the emotion to the audience at the first glance. Colors emphasizes what the audience will focus on, it’s attractive and can also give the idea of a time period as well. Elements like fonts, lines and shapes need colors to catch the eyes of the audience.
5. Blank Space
Blank space is an important arrangement to save space and to help the audience’s eyes to take a break. It can also be used for emphasis and to make sure that your audience focuses on one element or idea in your design.

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