Checking in with DI’s Young Innovators

អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

As the New Year started we welcomed five new bright individuals onboard to our team: the Young Innovators!

The Young Innovator Program is a new six month internship-like program at Development Innovations. The program focuses on supporting fresh Cambodian graduates, and giving them practical training in key 21st century job skills related to innovation and ICT4D, and on-the-job experience working on a specific project with our team.

Our first batch of Young Innovators come from a very diverse background; engineering, accounting, information technology, communications, and economic development; testing the concept that innovations can come from anyone. After two months of intensive training and on-the-job practice, what do they have to say about the program?


“It is a great opportunity that provides the best head-start in the professional field for Cambodian youth. Young Innovators get to understand the big picture of DI’s work culture and gain experience in communication as we work on assigned projects that require inter-disciplinary contributions across DI. I believe that my time at DI is going to equip me with many skills, experiences and resources in the long run for my future endeavors.”
Chansocheata Poum


“There are a lot of trainings that we have received from past months as Young Innovators. The trainings provided a lot of skills and knowledge for me to use in my career life. I personally have used some of the skills from the training to practice on my project as well. For example, I’ve learn the leadership and project management which improve my ability to manage and facilitate the project well.”Sovanvatey Khoun


“I’ve been working in DI as a Young Innovator for 2 months. One of the big challenges I faced was adjusting to the new workflow that involves a lot of people making decisions. I realized that it is called “Team Work”. I also learned that I thrive on the challenge of working on multiple projects and tasks at once – multitasking!”
Sanafy Ny


“I am going to adapt and learn from successes and challenges during the programs; especially, absorbing the knowledge I gained from practicing and working. I’ll try to be resourceful and approachable in my team and deliver my tasks on times with consistent quality to make sure that I love what I am doing.” Daravatey Seng


“Being actively engaged with the team is the key to success because different people have different fingerprints, DNA and skillsets. Therefore, we can fulfill one another by simply working collaboratively and co-deliver each other’s tasks. Most importantly, through the human-centered design course, I’ve learned that empathy works as an important role because by putting ourselves in our users’ concerns perspective, we can understand their problems and how to tackle them. I firmly believe that I would utilize these skills that I am currently learning in both professional and personal goals in the near future.”
Chansophear Penh

Our Young Innovators are now working on specific projects like design research about women in technology, or development of a smartphone video production course. They are also helping support and mentor girls in our Technovation program, a global technology entrepreneurship education programs for girls ages 10 to 18.
Asked why the program was created, Program Manager Mr. Samnang Oung remarked, “We learned that the current job market is lacking young professional equipped with key ICT4D and innovation skills to address development challenges, and not many organizations in Cambodia work the way we’re working now. We want our Young Innovators to learn our innovation processes so they can focus on users first and adaptive management in future jobs.”

Chav An

By Chav An CHIN

Communications Assistant
Development Innovations