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We’re living in a connected world where almost everything you want is “searchable”. People use the Internet in many different ways from communication, to social networking, entertainment, and access to education and information. Basically, there is a lot of information out there. Photos, illustrations, and audio media are the most commonly searched items that everyone can download easily from the Internet. But the question is: Is all of this online content free? The answer is “Maybe!”.

Whether it’s photography, illustrations or audio, they all share something in common: there is a person out there who made it. In many instances, people find media from the Internet and share it on their websites without crediting the individual who spent time and effort to create it. If the creative artists find this, they may ask you for a payment or request that you remove this content from your social media or website. While a lot of people pay a lot of money for their content, there are a number of free or “open” resources that can provide you with the content you are looking for.

Below are the most popular free websites where you can download those creative contents free for the use of your NGO or company.

1- Pexels

The interesting thing about Pexels is that all the photos on this website are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. This mean all the pictures are free for both personal and commercial use and you don’t need to add required attribution of each photo.

2- Pixabay

Pixabay is another free website that enables you to search and download not only photos but also vector graphics, illustration and video. More importantly, images and videos on Pixabay are released under Creative Commons CC0 which is the same as Pexels. Pixabay is also available on Mobile App for both Android and iOS.

3- YouTube Audio Library

Audio is important for video production. Audio Library is one of the free channels on Youtube that allows everyone to listen and download free license music. Look carefully at the license, there are various types of licenses chosen by the each author. Some licenses require you add a credit to the artist who created it.

YouTube Library

4- Freepik

Freepik is one of the biggest sources of free vectors and it’s not much different from Audio Library. Some content require you to credit the author for some commercial use.


5- Flaticon

Flaticon is a project of Freepik which is more focused on icon creation. The terms and requirements for using icons from Flaticon is not much different from Freepik. So, you need to credit the author on any artworks where you use those icons.


Some final notes I wanted to share with you about crediting artists:

  • As I mentioned above, there are some contents that require you to make attribution to the author. In the case of Audio Library, you can easily credit the author based on the instruction on each song that you want download. The screenshot below will tell you more details about the attribution.
  • The requirement of each content is slightly different. It all depends on what type of license that the author uses. You can find out more detail on each website for more information about the attribution. Artists can feel great satisfaction and accomplishment when more people use and share their content – with appropriate attribution.

Audio Library


By Chandy MAO

Advisory Assistant
Development Innovations