5 Useful and Fun Game-based Learning Websites Everyone Can Use


អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

By Meymey CHOENG

Former Innovation Program Assistant
Development Innovations

Everyone loves fun and exciting things, regardless of how old you are. Especially games! Some people still love watching cartoons and playing kid’s games as adults.

And in the spirit of fun, today I want to share some game-based block programming websites that anyone can use to both learn new skills and enjoy life at the same time. Block programming is a technique that uses drag-and-drop movements to build your project. And even though these introductory websites are designed for kids, they are open for anyone to access and explore the possibilities these great tools can provide.

These coding websites are also used in some of our partners’ tech education programs in Cambodia, including Sisters of code, an all-female coding club for young women ages 10-18, and Coding Cats, a creative coding class for kids ages 15-18. These programs help young learners to get to know about basic coding principles and other 21st century skills. Check out these 5 fun websites below to explore them yourself.

1. Hour of Code

Website: https://hourofcode.com/us/learn

Imagine if you could make Frozen characters Anna and Elsa move with just a few drags and drops of blocks? Not into Frozen? You can also find many other famous movie characters ranging from Star Wars, the Grinch to the classic Floppy bird game. What makes Hour of Code special is that you are awarded with a certificate of completion after you have successfully completed the course you choose. I can guarantee that this self-led video tutorial is worth trying and learning. Try it now or you’ll find yourself thinking, “why didn’t I start this earlier?”

The DI team celebrated Hour of Code day with code.org and everyone, from the finance to monitoring and evaluation teams, REALLY loved it.

2. Code Avengers

Website: https://www.codeavengers.com/

I can honestly say that being a Code Superhero is super fun. You can picture coding like constructing pieces of toys or drawing a favorite cartoon. First you draw the head, then eye, nose, mouth and also other components to form one good-looking character, and you can basically do this by moving around constructing blocks to form your drawing with guidance from a video.

During my first lesson, I constructed a cute baby tiger by arranging blocks. I even added an element to make the tiger talk. Join the Superhero club now! You will LOVE it!

3. Scratch

Website: https://scratch.mit.edu/

Now that you’ve created a character, you can also place them into a story. With the learning program Scratch, you will learn to create a story or scenario you have in mind. Being able to transform your great idea into a beautiful story and share with the world is a special ability.

4. Tynker

Website: https://www.tynker.com/hour-of-code/?category=stem

Have you ever wondered how PUBGY or Candy Crush were developed and programmed? Or have you ever thought about developing your own game? Then, Tynker might be the perfect next step for you. Here, you’ll find simple and fun ways of arranging blocks to make a game work. You’ll get to see just how many possibilities are available to you. I can’t wait to see the amazing projects you will be able to make.

5. Blocky Game

Website: https://blockly-games.appspot.com/?lang=en

Do you find calculating numbers or learning mathematics hard and boring sometimes? If this is true, you might need to take it into the next level by playing Blocky Game.

You will need some simple math knowledge to pass the level. For example, you might need to think of what the exact the number should be to tell the bird to move in the right direction. Playing this Blocky Game, I realized that it is so much fun even for someone who is not a math person like me. It was like using a real-life scenario to practice math, while also making learning great fun.

It might appear to you that these websites are just fun and games. But the truth is that not only are they entertaining but also useful. You will learn critical thinking skills ranging from getting your message across through story creation, and you will learn how to trouble-shoot when things don’t work, and try new combinations until you get the one that works. This is important for every job you’ll ever have!

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