5 Reasons Why You Should Engage Young Cambodian Voices… and How

អត្ថបទ​នេះមានជាភាសា៖ kmខ្មែរ

By ChavAn CHIN

Communications Specialist
Development Innovations

The United Nations Development Program reports that 65% of Cambodia’s population under the age of 30, and these young Cambodians are ready to contribute back to the society they grew in! But shortly after schools, fresh graduates are often not given the opportunity to contribute to the economy due to their lack of experience, knowledge, and skills. Here at Development Innovations, we offer opportunities to young people to showcase the potential and capabilities within themselves. We think this has helped us have more impact with young people – because they are the ones designing many of the programs for their peers! Almost half of our staff is under the age of 30 and we also recruit our cohorts of Young Innovators (our internal internship program) straight out of university.

If you are still wondering why you should engage young people, here are five reasons!

1. They Have New Ideas

In this digital era, young people are exposed to new technologies from an early age. Concepts that allow them to generate innovative ideas and solutions have been embedded in their upbringing. These ideas can benefit your organization as a whole.

2. They Are Curious

Young people crave knowledge and are very curious. At their age, a lot of them are eager to learn and absorb as much experience as they can for their future jobs and careers. Many also put a lot of passion into their jobs and are keen to learn and practice to perfect their skills.

3. They Have Ambitions

This new generation is ambitious. This generation is more globally aware; and many of them have clear goals. They will go far and work hard to achieve their goals, and if you let them, help your organization achieve your goals.

4. They Are Great Team Workers

Fresh out of school, these young professionals will not only be hard workers but also team players. Their open-mindedness, flexibility, and creative approach allows them to work really well on the team if they have a voice.


5. They Want a Chance

Young people deserve a chance! We should invest now in this next generation as many will grow to be the leaders of tomorrow. With great leadership and management, these raw talents will soon be the gems that everyone desire!
Now that you know why you should engage more young people, where do you find them? So many people ask us about how we find such innovative team members, so here are some tips.

1. Facebook Groups

Many young Cambodians are on Facebook. Sprout Social reports that 7 million Cambodians are already using this giant social media platform. There are several ways to reach out to high potential young professionals on this platform: posting the opportunities on popular pages, boosting posts to target certain populations, or using the Job feature available on Facebook. Opportunities are also widely shared across multiple social media channels like school and alumni groups, class groups, and extracurricular networks.

2. Networks

No one knows about young people than their own social groups and networks. Organizations dedicated to the development of young people and run by young people are your trusted message carriers when it comes to recruiting your next team member. They can reach out to their membership using many different methods if they know that the opportunity is a match to their audience. Youth networks such as AIESEC, which is an international organization dedicated to the professional and leadership development of young people; Fulbright and Undergraduate State Alumni Association of Cambodia (FUSSAC), or the US Ambassador’s Youth Council are your go-to target groups to find high achieving young Cambodians who have the potential to take your team to the next level.

3. Job sites/Agencies

Cambodia has almost 12 million internet users according to the Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia. Job sites and agencies are where new graduates are heading to after finishing school; but they are breaking the mold by moving beyond traditional recruitment websites. Newly launched sites like Topjobs, CamUp, or CamHR are where teenagers and young people are flocking. If you’re looking to offer internships, apprenticeship, or any types of learning program, WEduShare, a Cambodian startup, is your go-to site because they are the biggest opportunity sharing platform in Cambodia focused on young people.