General application

Is funding available to only previous grantees of DI?

No, we will accept applications from all eligible organizations and companies.

What is the period of performance?

The period of performance is the length of time required to implement the proposed activity. For activities funded by the ICT Project Scale Up Fund, the period of performance should be no longer than 7 months. Your activities and proposed budget should start no earlier than November 1st, 2018 and must be closed out no later than May 31st, 2019.

What if your project will last longer than 7 months?

We will fund only the portion your activity that will be covered within a period of 7 months or less. Funding from multiple sources is encouraged as it increases the chance of activity sustainability.

Should we state the length since we started this project, or only the duration of the period that will be covered by the grant?

Only the duration of the period that will be covered by the grant should be listed as the “period of performance.” However, we invite you to include relevant details about your full duration of your project/program in your technical proposal.

I have an idea for a technology solution. Does it fit within your program?

As mentioned in the APS, we are not funding the development of new ICT tools, or initial pilots, at this time. Applicants should demonstrate the success of the previous piloted technology solution with evidence/data, and proposals should show its potential to scale. Please refer to the full Annual Program Statement (APS) for the illustrative examples.

Requirements & Eligibility Criteria

Can I submit an application from anywhere in the world?

Development Innovations only accepts submissions from companies and organizations registered in Cambodia.

What if my organization or company is not registered? What if the business does not have a certificate of incorporation? Can I still submit an application?

Only a registered organizations or companies can submit an application. Please note that if you are a private company, you are required to submit with your application: 1) Certificate of registration with Ministry of Commerce, and 2) Certificate of Registration with General Department of Tax. The processes starts with the Ministry of Commerce, you can find out more about their registration process and requirements at:

Can non-registered groups like Youth Groups apply for funding?

No, not for this funding call. To be eligible, you must be officially registered in Cambodia.


Is there a requirement for cost-share?

No, there is no cost share requirement for this grant. Cost share is encouraged but will not affect your eligibility or evaluation.

Can we include in the budget materials such as photo cameras since it’s needed for the project? Or should it be only rental during the period of the grant?

Yes, you can budget for equipment that will be needed for the project implementation. If any single equipment item in your budget exceeds $500, you will be asked to share a copy of your organization’s Procurement Policy.

Can budget for labor include taxes?


Can I develop a proposal has higher amount than $80,000?

Your proposed budget for the grant activity can be higher than $80,000. However, you may only request up to $80,000 from DI. You may summarize additional costs in your budget from other funding sources, which can come from your own organization, other donors and/or private sector contributors.