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The Lab
The Lab at Development Innovations has been designed to provide basic technology services to the civil society community. Our aim with this new Innovation Lab is to showcase and explain technology, while also providing support and training for civil society actors looking to use technology in their work. The Lab at DI currently features the following services:


Technology Coaching

For many Cambodian civil society organizations, understanding how to incorporate technology into daily work can be a challenge. The Lab at DI has a team of technology coaches specializing in video, social media, and general technology that can help you better understand how to use technology in your work.

These coaches are subject matter experts in their respected topics, and understand the challenges Cambodia’s civil society organizations face. From understanding what you need to create a video, to defining your social media audience, to developing a technology plan for your project, our coaches can help you. To set up a meeting with us you can book online, or call us at: 095 702 008.

Hands-on Demo Space

The Lab at DI features a hands-on demo space that highlights interesting technology solutions in Cambodia. Our team of coaches can walk you through some of the solutions we’ve helped developed through our grant fund, the lessons we have learned, and what other technologies are available in the market.

Basic Technology Training for Civil Society

The Lab at DI also provides a basic hands-on training courses designed for civil society. Currently, we offer a very popular basic video production course, one of the most in demand and accessible ICTs in Cambodia. These courses are designed to introduce users to the core concepts and provide a strong baseline understanding of the technologies.

Our basic video course teaches students how to define their audience, create a compelling story, to conduct an interview, organize a hands-on shooting day, and manage a full day of video editing. In the end, students will have produced a two-minute video that they can use in their organization, whether to promote their activities, or a key message.

A three-day course is $150 for individuals, or $1000 for a team (maximum 10 people). If you’re interested, you can book online here, or call our coaching team at: 095 702 008.


Sotheavy At
Video Advisor

Sotheavy AT is the Video Advisor at Development Innovations. She specializes in video and radio production, coaching on content development, media broadcasting, design communication strategy and media training. Sotheavy also has experience developing story concepts, storyboarding and script-writing.

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Vantharith Oum
ICT4D Advisor

Vantharith Oum is the ICT4D Advisor at Development Innovations. An advocate for free culture and open knowledge in Cambodia, Vantharith has strong interest in technology and is passionate about utilizing appropriate technology to solve local problems. With his background in marketing and research Vatharith can help provide you the resources you need for your technology project.

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Jesse Orndorff
Innovation Program Manager

Jesse Orndorff is the Innovation Program Manager at Development Innovations. A designer, developer, and startup founder Jesse heads the advisory services at Development Innovations. Jesse is passionate about helping civil society understand and use technology to solve development challenges.

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