Where do I start?

We understand that creating great technology projects can be difficult and even overwhelming. We’ve compiled these resources to help you think through your next project. Our technology coaches are always available to help you, if you have any questions, please book a coaching session today.


  • The Principals for Digital Design have been endorsed by USAID and provide great guidelines when thinking through and planning your next technology project.
  • This short learning report highlights both positive experiences from civil society organizations (CSOs) and technology providers engaged in our grants fund. It also highlights practical tips to be considered for those who are going to work on information and communication technology (ICT) projects. The findings were compiled based on feedback from 16 different CSOs and technology providers that were interviewed in May 2016.
  • The DIY Toolkit has a carefully curated set of tools to help you think through your project’s strategy and goals.
  • Tactical Tech’s Info Activism How-To Guide has a range of strategies, tools and case studies that can help you.

Designing for Users

Finding the Right Tool

Tips & Tricks

Working with a Technical Provider


Sotheavy At
Video Production

Sotheavy AT is the Video Production Advisor at Development Innovations. She specializes in video and radio production, coaching on content development, media broadcasting, design communication strategy and media training. Sotheavy also has experience developing story concepts, storyboarding and script-writing.

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Vantharith Oum
ICT4D Advisor

Vantharith Oum is the ICT4D Advisor at Development Innovations. An advocate for free culture and open knowledge in Cambodia, Vantharith has strong interest in technology and is passionate about utilizing appropriate technology to solve local problems. With his background in marketing and research Vatharith can help provide you the resources you need for your technology project.

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Jesse Orndorff
Innovation Program Manager

Jesse Orndorff is the Innovation Program Manager at Development Innovations. A designer, developer, and startup founder Jesse heads the advisory services at Development Innovations. Jesse is passionate about helping civil society understand and use technology to solve development challenges.

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Some of this content was adapted from the wonderful resources released by The Engine Room. We’ve modified their content to meet the needs of users in Cambodia and added our own additional resources. The content on this resource page is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.