From 2013-2019, we helped civil society organizations, social enterprises, technology companies and young innovators in Cambodia test, design, and implement technology-enabled projects that address development challenges. Explore the projects below.

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Grantee: Edemy

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Edemy

Technology Solution: Mobile App

This grant supports Edemy to build high school students’ capacity to co-create e-learning contents for Tesdopi app and use the app to address the “too late to learn” phenomenon and prepare for the BACII examination through Tesdopi, which can be realized through “Tesdopi Student Ambassador” program, “Effective Learning” Social Media Campaigns and Tesdopi e-Learning Workshop.

Grantee: Bikay Co., Ltd

Partners: Conscious Tourism Cambodia

Technical Partner: Bikay Co., Ltd

Technology Solution: Website, Mobile App

This grant supports Bikay to improve CBT website, "" and develop two mobile applications on Android and iOS operating systems to help the local and international tourists access online and offline features to improve planning and traveling challenges in Cambodia.

Grantee: Danmission

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Preah Rokar Forest Community Network

Technical Partner: Web Essentials

Technology Solution: Mobile App

This grant supports NGO Danmission to improve the existing forest monitoring application to reach the Preah Rokar Forest Community Network (PFCN) and improve user experience and reporting.

Feature Story: Combatting Illegal Deforestation with an App

Grantee: InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, KAPE

Technical Partner: InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia

Technology Solution: E-career counselling

This grant will support InSTEDD to implement the project titled “Scale Up of Trey Visay - Supporting Youth Careers & Futures in Cambodia”. The project aims to connect young people to information about career counselling and vocational training through the Trey Visay mobile app. The project helps ensure that young people they have increased access to tools and resources to better prepare for their careers (Trey Visay means compass in Khmer). Watch the video about Trey Visay and test it out yourself on the Play Store and the App Store.

Feature Story: Our partner InSTEDD iLab Southeast Asia, and director Channé Suy Lan, are featured in a recent podcast by Social Innovation Asia. Listen to hear more about their story, and their work in Cambodia.

Grantee: SHE Investment

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Edemy

Technology Solution: Online learning

The project supports SHE Investments to improve the existing information and content and add business eLearning course and online learning feature to the Ngeay Ngeay website to become more user-friendly interface. In addition, SHE Investment pilots a blended learning (a combination of an in-person and online learning program) module that can be delivered by local and rural organizations trained by SHE Investment to female entrepreneurs in rural areas. The improved Ngeay Ngeay website and Business Incubator programs through a Blended Learning help female entrepreneurs in Cambodia easily access to an eco-system of support to improve and scale their micro-enterprises, including information, tools and resources, a business e-Learning platform, blended learning opportunities, and service provider referrals.

Grantee: Khmer Youth Association

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: VDOO

Technology Solution: Social media campaign and website

This project funds Khmer Youth Association to re-design a user- and mobile-friendly website, upgrade ICT equipment and software to produce higher quality digital content, and improve staff capacity and skills on tech usage and management, focusing on video production and social media communications. The goal of this project is to encourage more young people to become more active and informed citizens by improving social media and online content to be more user-friendly and engaging.

Success Story: Digital ‘Second Chance’ Helps Youth Organization Reach More Cambodians

Grantee: Pact, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Glean

Technology Solution: Technology tool that enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level

This project funds Pact Cambodia to integrate the lessons learned from the initial results of TRANSMIT - a tool that tracks citizen complaints and government responses online - to design, develop and field-test a new prototype with target user groups using deeper user testing methods. The overall goal of this project is to validate a better technology solution that will enable effective and constructive engagement between citizens and government officials at the local level.

Grantee: People In Need Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, National Committee for Disaster Management

Technical Partner: DAI Maker Lab

Technology Solution: Flood early warning tool

This project is a collaboration between People In Need & DAI Maker Lab, with technical assistance funding from Development Innovations to support the development of an open-source flood early warning tool. This pilot project had two goals - 1) to develop a viable open source design suitable for scaling to other key locations around Cambodia to establish a national flood information network, and 2) to introduce the principle of open source hardware for development to stakeholders in Cambodia and build some basic skillsets for participating practitioners.

The device, called Tepmachcha (, is a sonar stream gauge that, mounted on a fixed point over a stream such as a bridge, can determine the water’s height and send that information over a mobile phone network to the cloud for logging ( If the stream’s height exceeds a warning level, Tepmachcha triggers an alert on PIN’s IVR system. The tens of thousands of IVR subscribers in the Tepmachcha pilot area will get a voice telephone call within a matter of minutes alerting them of the flood condition.

Success Story: Simple & Affordable Technology for Civil Society: Flood Warning Tool

Blog Post: The Tech Mermaid Alert

Feature Story: Tepmachcha: An Open-Source, Ultrasonic Stream Gauge Flood Warning System

Grantee: Human Development Research Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Webits

Technology Solution: Web portal on mental health

This project funded the improvement of an online mental health information and virtual counseling resource for young people through Facebook's Free Basics platform. The main format for the My Tree of Life (MyTOL) website included mental health information postings and discussions, and online Q&A sessions.

Grantee: Impact Hub Phnom Penh

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: inoover Digital Solution Lab

Technology Solution: Online directory, relevant tools & resources on social entrepreneurship

This project developed a website that serve as an online directory of social enterprises and information resource for developing social enterprises in Cambodia. The website provided practical resources and information about social entrepreneurship, highlighted and promoted innovative solutions to social/ environmental problems, and provided a directory of social enterprises for potential investors and donors.

Success Story: Web Platform Enabling and Connecting Social Enterprises in Cambodia

Grantee: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Buddhism for Peace Organization (BPO)

Technology Solution: Community-based media production & content development with an awareness campaign via online radio and social media

This project empowered Prey Lang communities to tell their stories through community-based media production activities, and BPO collected these stories and created content from people from five communes to broadcast online. Ultimately, these stories helped raise awareness about citizens' issues in Prey Lang at the local and national level through social media and online radio.

Grantee: The Lake Clinic Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Mekom Solutions

Technology Solution: Open source clinic management system

This grant supports the Lake Clinic to translate and implement a popular, open-source clinic management system. The project will help tested whether the CRM system works for Cambodian clinics and patients and helps improve service delivery. Following the pilot, The Lake Clinic will present this model to the Ministry of Health.

Blog Post: Floating Clinic Digitizes to Serve Patients Better

Grantee: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Cambodian Disable People Organisation

Technology Solution: Social media campaign, narrowcast pilot, survey of ICT for PWDs

This grant supports Cambodian Disabled People's Organization (CDPO) to conduct a survey of their users, develop a social media strategy and Facebook campaign, and develop digital content to highlight people with disabilities' rights under Cambodian law.

Success Story: Promoting Awareness of People with Disabilities’ Rights with Technologies

Blog Post: Eight Insights from the People with Disabilities Rapid Survey

Grantee: Support Her Enterprise Co., Ltd. (SHE Investments)

Partners: USAID Cambodia, EZECOM

Technical Partner: Codingate

Technology Solution: Social media campaign and Khmer language web portal for business registration information/ processes

This grant supports SHE Investments to develop an online business information portal which is accessible and user-friendly to provide information in Khmer for women entrepreneurs on how to start their business. This project will market this portal across other womens entrepreneurship networks and use social media for a targeted outreach and marketing campaign.

Blog Post: Retrospective: Launch of Business Information Platform by SHE Investments

Grantee: MEDIA One

Partners: USAID Cambodia, USAID Supporting Forests and Biodiversity (SFB) Project

Technical Partner: MEDIA One

Technology Solution: Facebook campaign along with traditional media such as radio program and radio public service announcements (PSAs)

This grant supported Media One in their efforts to implement the project entitled Cambodian Natural Heritage Awareness Initiative. The overall goal of this proposal is to raise awareness about Cambodia’s natural heritage through diverse media platforms like social media, radio and SMS, complemented by direct community engagement activities. Throughout the activity, MEDIA One adjusted based on audience and community feedback, and analyzed social media findings for the Facebook campaign.

Blog Post: Grandfather Prey Lang Connects People to the Jungle

Grantee: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

Technology Solution: Digital M&E tool, Video training, Social media handbook & ICT research

This partnership equips Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) with the skills and capacity to deliver effective ICT related services to its members and other target customers through technical and capacity building support over 18 months.

Grantee: World Education, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Good Return

Technical Partner: Good Return

Technology Solution: Content development & consumer awareness campaign via Facebook

This project aimed to test whether a consumer awareness campaign, delivered via Facebook and targeted at Cambodia’s youth, can be effective in stimulating dialogue within poor Cambodian households on financial decision making and ultimately contribute to building financial awareness and consumer confidence.

Success Story: Social Media Campaign Builds Awareness about Financial Management

Grantee: WaterSHED

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: CamMob

Technology Solution: Supply chain management system for WASH product suppliers

This project tested a digital tool to help improve the efficiency of service delivery for the rural sanitation supply chain for WASH product suppliers (toilets, pipes, latrines, concrete, etc.). The app centralized outreach planning, inventory management, invoice and payment tracking, income and expenditure summary and outstanding delivery schedule and location information for toilet sales and distribution.

Success Story: Leveraging Mobiles to Boost Efficiencies in the Rural Sanitation Market

Grantee: Youth Coalition for Unity and Development

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Biz Solution

Technology Solution: Online youth debate platform for provincial participants of Mock Youth Parliament

The project funded the development of an online platform which allows youth to debate key topics digitally. Through this, youth voices are strongly joined for advocating for what they actually demand from main actors, especially the government.

Success Story: Cambodian Youth Groups Take Their Debates Digital

Grantee: Cooperation Committee for Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Webits

Technology Solution: Open source digital Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) app and support package

This grant supports CCC’s implementation of the Digital Data Collection and Visualization for M&E project. This program was developed to design and pilot a replicable and sustainable Digital M&E Support Package that equips organizations with the ability to efficiently collect, manage, and conduct basic visualization of M&E data with mobile and cloud-based data management systems.

Grantee: MEDIA One

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Equal Access International

Technology Solution: Mobile data collection tools & multimedia for Supporting Forestry & Biodiversity (SFB) project

The project funded the update of a paper-based citizen concern system to promote mobile reporting. The reporting tool provided faster feedback about interventions and updates and allowed MEDIA One to integrate community concerns and questions their radio show topics according to citizen input in near real-time.

Success Story: Using Digital Data Collection Tools to Maximize Impact

Grantee: Advocacy and Policy Institute

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system & mobile app to provide transparent public services' procedures & fees

This project tested a tool to make public service prices more available through interactive voice response technology (IVR), which enabled access to audio information files offline without incurring data charges. Initially, it makes available the prices of public services and then expand over time to provide additional information based on citizen priorities.

Success Story: Hotline and Mobile App Improve Access to Public Service

Grantee: Children In Families (CIF)

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Rotati Consulting

Technology Solution: Open-source case management system for child care program

Pilot: This project designed a child care information system that will help NGO Children In Families' social workers and local authorities provide high quality care for children in adversity. The system helps users track how the children are being cared for across the country, and provides an electronic mechanism for anonymous feedback relating to care conditions and issues with local authorities.

Expanding and Scaling: This grant supports NGO Children in Families (CIF) to expand and scale their Childcare Information System. This project aims to help build in the functionality that will allow CIF to host and adapt this software for other NGOs as a revenue source.

Success Story: Scaling a User-Friendly Child Care Case Management System

Grantee: Aide et Action Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Facebook

Technical Partner: Biz Solution

Technology Solution: Inclusive education website and a web portal on Facebook's Free Basics platform

This project funded a website to provide educational resources for teachers, school directors, District and Provincial offices of Education (PoE/DoE) and parents. Through Facebook's Free Basics platform, the site aims to reach marginalized and out of school children, and connect them to online resources and school-based resources.

Grantee: PACT Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, AMARA, Village Support Group, Anakut Kumar, Phnom Srey Organization, My Village

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Mobile app for issue tracking at local government level

This project funded a platform to track citizen issues and government response online, and tested the development of a digital tool to track and share information about citizens' priorities at the commune level.

Grantee: Action IEC

Partners: USAID Cambodia, Cellcard, Wing, Acleda Bank

Technical Partner: Rotati Consulting

Technology Solution: Crowdfunding platform for fundraising social initiatives

This project funded the development of TosFund, meaning Let's Fund in Khmer, an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform for Cambodia. The funding tool built campaigning capacities for development initiatives (especially for Cambodian CSOs), provided practical payment outlets for civic fundraising efforts, and helped test online fundraising tools through Cambodia-based payment systems.

Success Story: Crowdfunding Platform Boosts Shrinking Budgets for Civic Projects

Blog Post: Online Fundraising Gains Popularity and Delivers Results for Phare Ponleu Selpak

Grantee: Cambodian Center for Independent Media

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Open source mobile app and a platform for concerned citizen journalists to report news on the field

This project supported the design and development of a tool for Cambodian Center for Independent Media's citizen journalists (CJs) to collect, report, and track local issues from around the country. The reporting tool aimed to increase coverage of these local issues by linking Cambodian and international media outlets to these stories quickly and efficiently.

Grantee: Cambodian Center for Human Rights

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Endorphine Concept Digital Solutions

Technology Solution: Content development including videos & infographics on land rights

This project funded the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR) to develop online interactive content for its Human Rights Education Platform to help increase knowledge among Cambodian urban youths on key rights issues in Cambodia. The first module was on land rights:

Success Story: Land Rights Platform Delivers Accessible Educational Tools and Quizzes

Grantee: Documentation Center of Cambodia (DC-Cam)

Partners: USAID Cambodia, EZECOM

Technical Partner: EZECOM

Technology Solution: Secured server to store and preserve Khmer Rouge documentations

The project funded a safe and reliable digital storage solution for DC-Cam’s digital archive of historical materials. The archive includes photos (20,000 historical photos & 157,000 field trip photos), videos (108 Khmer Rouge regime videos & 318 interview videos with Khmer Rouge cadres & survivors), audio (4,499 interview audio with Khmer Rouge cadres & survivors) and written documentation (14,567 documents equal to a total of 100,503 pages) from the Khmer Rouge period.

Success Story: Public-Private Partnership Safeguards Digital History

Grantee: ALiEN DEV

Partners: USAID Cambodia, EZECOM, Cellcard, Wing, myTEB, Sabay

Technical Partner: ALiEN DEV

Technology Solution: Khmer Keyboard for Android smartphones

This project focused on the development of a mobile application by social enterprise ALiEN DEV to improve speed of typing in Khmer script. The app allows more Cambodians to communicate via mobile phones in their native language.

Success Story: Giving Cambodians a Digital Voice

Grantee: Open Institute

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Research paper on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology on Khmer language

A research project with Open Institute to define the priorities, the strategy, the tools and the work that needs to be done to achieve high quality Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for Khmer. OCR technology would enable indexation of large amounts of information in Khmer language and make scanned documents searchable.

Grantee: People In Need Cambodia

Partners: USAID Cambodia, 17 Triggers

Technical Partner: Open Institute

Technology Solution: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System for maternal & child care messages

This project funded the development of a mobile phone-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) tool to bring pre-recorded messages about maternal and child care directly to pregnant women and new mothers through curated voice-messages.

Success Story: Scaling Up Mobile Health Services to Expectant and New Mothers in Cambodia

Grantee: World Education, Inc.

Partners: USAID Cambodia

Technical Partner: CamMob

Technology Solution: Android-based learning tools

This project funded the development of a digital literacy assessment tool for the Total Reading Approach for Children (TRAC) project's Continuous Assessment System (CAS). The assessment app promoted teacher understanding and used of the CAS as a diagnostic tool for student learning. The CAS App also facilitated teacher and student use and understand of technology in the classroom.

Success Story: TEST Application Cultivates Reading Culture for Young Cambodians